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(2829)Howard County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Howard County Sheriff Department / Howard County Jail124 South Park PlaceCrescoIA52136563-547-5353
Howard County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cresco Police Department124 South Park PlaceCrescoIA52136563-547-2424
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Howard County Child Support Warrants
Howard County Criminal Records
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Howard County Sex Offender Registry
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How to Locate Wristband Number Arrest Records Using Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Howard County, Iowa, are public information that is easily accessible through several online resources. This includes county court houses, the sheriff’s office, and the Department of Public Safety. A person can access criminal activity, warrants, arrests and many other public documents through these sources. These types of records are readily available for any individual who is performing an online search.

The basic function of obtaining a copy of this information is to identify criminal activity. A person must have reasonable suspicion before a judge or magistrate can issue a warrant for a person’s arrest. This means a person must have enough information to justify a reasonable suspicion that a person is involved in criminal activity. Warrant records help with detecting potential unlawful activity. In many cases, a judge will issue the warrant after finding there is probable cause to believe the person is committing a crime.

In order to find out if a person has any warrants issued against them, a person can perform a search through the county court house or the sheriff’s office. These records can also be found on the Internet at various public libraries. However, most people who are performing an online search would prefer to use one of the three databases.

The easiest way to obtain criminal activity warrants is by using a website called a background check website. Most records are easy to obtain since they only take a few minutes to read. Searching for warrants takes a bit more time because the records will not be listed in a simple manner. The records will also contain information that is not considered private information such as date of birth. However, some warrant information may be protected by state or federal law. This information is kept off-limits to the general public.

The other option is to visit a courthouse in the county where the person lives. Each county may not list all of its records on a website. Court houses usually maintain public databases that can be accessed online. However, the person must still go to the courthouse and request a copy of a person’s criminal activity records.

Finally, the fastest and easiest option would be to use an online service that searches for and provides accurate data on public criminal activity records. A variety of these services exist and each of them has their own set of conveniences. Some online services can also give a person a sample search for free in order to help determine if the person is eligible to have access to warrant information. Once a person obtains access to the records, he or she will be able to perform an easy warrant lookup right from home.