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(2738)Delaware County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Delaware County District Judge301 East Main StreetManchesterIA52057563-927-4942
Delaware County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Delaware County Sheriff Office / Delaware County Jail304 East Delaware StreetManchesterIA52057563-927-3135
Delhi Police Department316 Franklin StreetDelhiIA52223563-922-2588
Manchester Police Department208 East Main StreetManchesterIA52057563-927-3355
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How You Can View a Criminal Record

Warrant Records are public documents that show any arrest or court order made of an individual. These records include anything from a speeding ticket to a burglary. Warrant Records in Delaware County Iowa are available for anyone who needs them. They can be requested from the court, and they can be requested through the general public through online services.

Warrant Records in the State of Delaware usually list the person’s name, address, date of birth, social security number, and other information that is pertinent to the person. The state of Delaware requires that these records be available for inspection by any member of the public, except law enforcement officers. There are exceptions to this rule, however. Warrant Records in Delaware County are exempt from public access because of the confidential nature of the court orders that allow them to be retained. However, anyone can obtain access to some of these records.

Warrant Records in the State of Delaware contain much more than just names and addresses. In some instances, a person’s name may be entered into the system with a warrant based on outstanding warrants that were issued against them. This means that their name may show up when someone tries to do something illegal, but they didn’t commit the crime. Warrant records will also show if a person has ever been convicted of a crime. Also, they will show if a person has ever been charged with a crime, or is currently being investigated for one.

The information in a record like this can help a detective investigate a person. If a person has warrants out for their arrest, the detective may be able to use this to find the person. By using the person’s name with certain search terms, a detective can get a detailed history on a person. They will be able to tell if the person has ever been charged with a crime, or is under investigation.

The use of these services can also be helpful to the general public. If a person wants to have access to a person’s criminal history, or their warrant status, they no longer have to go through a private investigator. Instead, anyone with internet access can get this information from a database. It is easy to access, fast and very accurate.

Anyone can run a criminal check on someone. When you access criminal records, you are able to see if a person has any previous arrests, any felonies, or any other type of criminal record. This can be used by employers to make sure that the person they are hiring is not a criminal, and can also help prevent identity theft.

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