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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2645)Cherokee County Police Departments
Cherokee Police Department111 North 5th StreetCherokeeIA51012712-225-6464
Cherokee County Police Departments
Iowa State Patrol District 5 - Cherokee5116 Iowa 3CherokeeIA51012712-225-5119
Aurelia Police Department236 Main StreetAureliaIA51005712-434-5912
Marcus Police Department222 North Main StreetMarcusIA51035712-376-4618
Cherokee County Sheriff Department
Cherokee County Sheriffs Office / Cherokee County Jail111 North 5th StreetCherokeeIA51012712-225-6737
Cherokee County Probation Department
Cherokee County Probation Department111 North 5th StreetCherokeeIA51012712-225-6738
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What Type of Information Can You Get From Warrant Records?

Warrant records are one of the most sensitive types of public records and you should be very careful when searching for them. These important documents allow law enforcement agents to locate a person if they have been arrested for suspicion of crime. Before the Freedom of Information Act it was almost impossible to obtain this type of information because it involved redacting many confidential details. In the past, people who were accused of crime often spent many months in jail without any knowledge that there had been a warrant out for their arrest. Warrant records can tell you if someone you know has been arrested and what the charges were.

The most important part of these records is that they show if there is probable cause to believe a person has committed a crime. If there is such evidence then you will be able to see the criminal background of the person. If a person has a criminal record, then this will definitely come up in the search. There are several places that you can find this information in Cherokee County Iowa.

One of these is the county courthouse in each of the county’s municipalities. You can go down to the clerk of court’s office and get a copy of the records. Many times there are multiple versions of the same records with various names and dates and you have to make sure you get the right one. You also have to find out exactly what these records include because there may be criminal activity that is not included on the record.

If you want a more detailed search then you can do an internet search on criminal background records. This method involves using a database that provides this type of information. You have to pay for the records and the website does have some restrictions. It costs about $20 to conduct one of these searches but it can give you very detailed information. Sometimes these searches can provide a person’s address history and sometimes they will provide other types of criminal activity that has occurred.

Another option is to hire a professional investigator to conduct the search for you. They do charge more but you can use the information you receive from them to obtain a copy of a person’s criminal background. They do charge a fee but it can be well worth it since the information provided is far more detailed and up to date then any of the websites mentioned above.

The only thing you have to be careful about when looking for someone’s criminal records is that the person’s name is included in any of the records you find. If you are going through someone’s trash, for example, you might find something that has their name on it. However, if you know for sure that the person has a record then you can use that to your advantage when looking for information about warrants or other criminal activity.