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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2553)Adair County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Adair County Probation Department400 Public SquareGreenfieldIA50849641-743-2445
Adair County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Adair County Sheriffs Department306 East Iowa StreetGreenfieldIA50849641-743-2148
Adair Police Department320 Audubon StreetAdairIA50002641-742-3615
Fontanelle Police Department313 Washington StreetFontanelleIA50846641-743-2148
Greenfield Police Department211 South 1st StreetGreenfieldIA50849641-743-2323
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Criminal Records Are a Must Have Information

Warrant Records are considered public information and they are maintained at all police stations throughout the county. The most common type of records that you will find are arrests and criminal charges, but there are other types of criminal activity that are not captured on these records. This means that some warrant activity may be performed without a person even knowing it. Warrant records are kept separately from arrest records. Arrest records can be found in your local police station and warrant activity is documented within a legal system, which is different from a police station.

In the past warrant searches have been used to keep an eye out for sex offenders. This was done so that when a person was let into a community the community knew what kind of lifestyle they were living. At the time it wasn’t as easy to catch a sex offender as it is now. There are many tracking services available that allow a person to check up on someone’s background and if they have a warrant for their arrest. You can search any person’s criminal history with one of these online services.

When a warrant is issued it states that a person has committed a crime against another person and that warrant is attached to that person. A warrant is very serious because if a warrant is found they are required to give the police the reason for the warrant. They also need to give documentation that the person they are searching for has been arrested on a given charge.

A warrant does not have to show up on a person’s record until the legal system says it has been served. Once the legal system has issued the warrant a person can no longer hide it because they have been arrested. In Iowa being in violation of the warrant can result in serious legal actions. Warrant records are a very important part of our legal system and having access to these records allows people to find out the truth about a person’s legal issues.

Searching a person’s criminal records is a very complicated matter. It is not an easy task to complete. These records are kept in many different places across the country. In order to find a person’s records you will need to know the person’s full legal name, middle name and any other names they use under their legal name. Then you need to contact the local courthouse where the crime was committed.

If you choose to do your own search for a person’s records then you need to understand that you will have no other free resources available to you but the official government site. This is because in order to request a copy of a warrant you must be an actual legal citizen of the United States. If you are looking for a legal record then the best resource is a state court house. If you do your own search online you will not be able to find out any more information then the person you are searching for.