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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2588)Blackford County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Blackford County Probation Department110 West Washington StreetHartfordIN47348765-348-0720
Blackford County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Blackford County Sheriffs Office / Blackford County Jail64 North 500 EastHartfordIN47348765-348-0930
Hartford City Police Department700 North Walnut StreetHartfordIN47348765-348-4819
Montpelier Police Department300 West Huntington StreetMontpelierIN47359765-728-6504
Montpelier Police Department101 South Jefferson StreetMontpelierIN47359765-728-6504
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How to Lookup Criminal Records

Warrant Records in Blackford County Indiana are public documents that allow anyone to obtain background information on a person. All warrants of arrests and detentions must be publicly listed in the courts, except for criminal misdemeanor charges. This is usually done for security purposes as well as to protect the accused from retaliation.

The Indiana State Police maintains records on all persons convicted of crime and other offenses through the Central Records Office. However, this office only maintains these records of criminal justice proceedings. Warrant records include felony charges, summary offenses, judgments, warrants issued, and all matters associated with criminal justice. These criminal justice records are also available through the Federal Bureau of Investigations through the Federal Fugitives Wing.

There are many reasons to access criminal justice data. Employers use it to screen job applicants. Property owners check it to determine if there are any outstanding complaints against them. The courts use it to check to ensure compliance with their orders, and family and friends can use it to find out if someone has a history of violence or child abuse.

There are different kinds of warrant records. They can be: public, confidential, private, blood, breath, and handwriting. Accessing public criminal justice records is usually done free by the Indiana State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, or Federal Fugitives Wing.

Confidential records are kept confidential and are accessible only through the courts. These are not considered public records. Free criminal justice records are available from the county auditor’s office, sheriff’s office, circuit court clerk, or the county sheriff. A person can choose which record he wants to search.

To perform a search, the first step would be to go online and visit the Indiana State Police website. From the homepage, search for “warrant records” or “warrants”. This will bring up the search form. Enter all the information that you have about the person who you are searching for in the boxes that are provided. If the person has ever been convicted of a crime, then this will appear in the search box. Once you press search, you will be directed to the appropriate search result page where you will find the warrant, and if there is one, a date of birth, and social security number of the person.

The next step would be to go to the county courthouse or the county sheriff’s office to look for the record of a person. Sometimes this can be quite time-consuming. You may end up having to stand in line at the courthouse to go through the queue just to get records of a certain person.

With the help of the Internet, obtaining a person’s warrant records is easy and hassle-free. Search online for a good website that provides access to millions of warrant records. Some warrant record websites offer unlimited searches after a monthly membership fee.

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