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(2988)Scott County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Scott County Sheriff's Office101 East Market StreetWinchesterIL62694217-742-3141
Scott County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Scott County Sheriffs Office34 East Market StreetWinchesterIL62694217-742-3141
Bluffs Police Department124 Bluffs StreetBluffsIL62621217-754-3389
Winchester Police Department121 South Hill StreetWinchesterIL62694217-742-3456
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Getting Access to Warrant Records in Scott County Illinois

Any time there is a criminal act that is being investigated by the authorities, one piece of information that can be very helpful to the investigator is an up to date copy of the persons original arrest warrant. This is also called as an AED (automated devices). If the person wanted to avoid arrest he could make arrangements to have his warrant serviced by subscribing to a bail bond service. However it can prove to be difficult to find this information and sometimes people do not realize that they have been arrested. In this case the person is legally allowed to enter the state to get the copy of their warrant but they will still be required to turn themselves in to the authorities when they get there.

It is quite common for a person who is wanted on suspicion of a crime such as theft or assault to go into hiding until the authorities let them out. Unfortunately people who run away from the police are not always caught and the police cannot therefore find out where they ran to so the suspect can run away. The only way to find out about warrant records in Scott County is to contact the court or the law enforcement agency where the person was arrested.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled in 1999 in State v. McGeoghegan that any investigative search of the person’s person should require a warrant. In the past persons could simply give a blood sample to a crime lab for analysis and then have their warrant released allowing them to go about their business without worry. However with the massive use of computers and the Internet more records are able to be searched much easier. By searching an individuals criminal history or arrest records on the Internet you can find out if they have had previous warrants issued against them.

To start your search go to the website of the Cook County Public Records. Here you will be required to pay a fee for the records search but it is totally worth it. There is an online form that you need to fill out giving a little information about the person such as their name, address and any other details that may be useful to you. Then you will need to wait a couple of seconds for the report to be generated and then you will receive the details of the person’s record. If the person has a prior record you will find this information at the bottom of the report.

It is not only records that you can obtain from this site; you can also obtain background reports on the person. If you have any concerns about any person living in your area then you will be able to check there criminal and birth records. So if a business owner is hiring someone without making sure that they have a criminal record then you could have a problem on your hands. If a person has been convicted of domestic violence in the past then this can again result in problems.

However the best way to get records on any person is to use an online record search company. These companies purchase the records you are requesting and then put it into a central database which you can search from their website. Then all you need do is input some basic information about the person such as their name and address and the search will generate a full background report for the person. The reports are always very detailed and even include pictures if applicable.