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(2813)Jersey County Police Departments
Jerseyville Police Department200 South Jefferson StreetJerseyvilleIL62052618-498-2131
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Elsah Police DepartmentMill StreetElsahIL62028618-498-6881
Grafton Police Department118 East Main StreetGraftonIL62037618-786-3354
Jersey County Sheriff Departments
Jersey County Sheriff Department / Jersey County Jail114 North Washington StreetJerseyvilleIL62052618-498-6881
Jersey County Sheriff's Office114 North Washington StreetJerseyvilleIL62052618-498-6881
Jersey County Probation Department
Jersey County Probation Department201 West Pearl StreetJerseyvilleIL62052618-498-5571
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Criminal Records – What Are Warrant Records?

What are Warrant Records? Wristband records are public documents that show a person’s arrest, court and jail records. They can also reveal other information not included in these records. There is a process for obtaining these records from the local or state police department. If one does not have access to this information they can search from state vital statistics office for the exact information you are looking for. You can also obtain these records at the county clerk offices of Jersey County in Illinois.

There are two main reasons one would need to see the records of another person. The first reason is to look to see if they are legally married. When a person gets married it is more than likely their name goes on their driver’s license as well as their social security card. A search of the records can show if this is the case with the person you are checking into. If there are warrants out for their arrest it may prevent them from getting a driver’s license or a social security card.

The second reason to use this type of resource is to check into the background history of a potential hire. Before a person is hired for a high profile job such as a government position or a position working with children, they must be checked into a criminal background check. By using a Warrant Records search you can see if they have any warrants out for their arrest. This can be very beneficial if you are about to hire someone and they have a record. It can prevent them from taking a job with your company. Also if you have a teenage employee you want to be sure they are not a sexual offender and are actually a good kid.

What other information does one obtain from searching a person’s record? If a warrant is out for a persons name it is recorded on their criminal record. It is important to know the full name of the person that is being searched. The last name is usually the most common but it does not follow that all names are listed.

You can also find out about a persons past if they have a criminal record. This includes traffic offenses, sex crimes and more. A few years ago you could only look at the state level records. Now warrant records can be accessed from nationwide level. This is helpful in that you can see what a person has been charged with at various times throughout their lives.

In addition you can learn more about a person if you know their last and current address. This is information that is kept in the public domain. In some cases certain areas require this information. You can access these records easily. There is a service online called a background check that can provide you with this information. This service can provide you with the names of any person and their address within seconds.