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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2812)Jefferson County Police Departments
Bonnie Police Department270 South Railroad StreetBonnieIL62816618-242-5646
Jefferson County Police Departments
Mount Vernon Police Department211 North 10th StreetMount VernonIL62864618-242-2131
Rend Lake College Police468 Ken Gray ParkwayInaIL62846618-437-5321
Jefferson County Sheriff Departments
Jefferson County Justice Center911 Casey AvenueMount VernonIL62864618-244-8004
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office911 Casey AvenueMount VernonIL62864618-244-8004
Jefferson County Probation Department
Jefferson County Probation Department911 Casey AvenueMount VernonIL62864618-244-8018
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Warrant Records – Everything You Need to Know

Warrant records in Jefferson County are a record of any arrests that have been made, with or without warrant. Warrant searches are performed at the county courthouse and they usually only take a few minutes. They tell you if there was a warrant out for your arrest and where it was signed. It also tells you if the warrant was lifted, which means the person was out of the jurisdiction when the arrest was made. Most of the time the charges will be dismissed as long as the person had the authority to sign the papers.

Arrest records let you know what the person is being charged with, their criminal history and also let you know if they have ever been convicted of stealing, burglary or anything else. If a person is arrested it tells you that they were in custody, were caught violating the law and were either given a citation or had their bail set by a judge. It can also indicate that a person has an outstanding bench warrant. Some tickets can be suspended if the person does not show up for them.

Warrant records also tell you the person’s immigration status. You may be wondering how it is possible to find out someone’s immigration status. You see records of an arrest are kept on an arrest report and then are filed with the Circuit Court. If the person is never charged with a crime their immigration status is not listed. They can only apply if they are here legally.

The Illinois Supreme Court has declared that anyone who has been arrested for a felony cannot be released from jail while they’re in jail under any circumstances. If they are found later in the jail, they can be released but only after they have been evaluated for rehabilitation. If the person poses a future threat to the community or if they are a danger to other people, they can be held in jail until the completion of their sentence. After their parole has been granted, they can then apply to legally be able to live in the community. That means they need to know where to find jobs and what their income level is. By using a person’s criminal record, a parole officer can determine whether they should be released or kept in jail.

By knowing all of this information, it becomes possible to protect yourself as well as your family. A warrant can be issued when a person fails to appear at their court date. This could mean that you have a visitor that you never expected to arrive, but because you did not show up they arrested you for failure to appear. There are many other reasons that warrants are issued as well. If you’ve been arrested for any reason, it is important to find out if you still have a warrant out for your arrest.

It is also a good idea to know what kind of offenses a person has been convicted of. These types of records will show if a person has broken the law several times or if they have a pattern of doing drugs or other illegal activities. It is also good to know the sex of the person. It helps to keep your neighborhood safe.