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(2711)Edgar County Police Departments
Brocton Police Department204 South Boyer AvenueBroctonIL61917217-385-2359
Edgar County Police Departments
Chrisman Police Department222 West Madison AvenueChrismanIL61924217-269-2014
Kansas Police DepartmentSouth Front StreetKansasIL61933217-948-5621
Paris Police Department211 West Washington StreetParisIL61944217-465-6351
Edgar County Sheriff Departments
Edgar County Sheriff Department / Edgar County Jail228 North Central AvenueParisIL61944217-465-4166
Edgar County Sheriff's Office228 North Central AvenueParisIL61944217-465-4166
Edgar County Probation Department
Edgar County Probation Department115 West Court StreetParisIL61944217-466-7466
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Illinois Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Edgar County, IL are amongst some of the most public of public records. Warrant records list any person or entity that has been accused of a crime either by a member of the public or a police officer. Warrant records state any violations that were committed by the individual and also detail any property that was seized as part of the case. This information is compiled by the court and made available to the general public.

In Illinois a Warrant Records Search will show any convictions that have been made against the individual and this includes traffic offenses. Details on any warrants that have been issued will also be provided. There are several ways that a warrant can be issued in the state of Illinois. If a crime is committed and the offender is then arrested, then a warrant for his arrest will be placed.

Warrant Records in Illinois are not only limited to felonies and other criminal acts. They also cover misdemeanor crimes. In instances where the state has jurisdiction, the courts can issue warrants for a person to be arrested. Details on an arrested warrant will be included in the court docket and the name of the person who is being arrested along with their address and appearance date will be listed. If you are trying to locate a person’s record in Illinois then you will need to apply to the court directly in order to get access to these records.

After applying for a Warrant Records search in Illinois you will then have to wait for the court to process your request. Depending on how fast the courts in Illinois work, the whole process can take up to a month. Once the records are processed you will then be able to see the details on the warrant that was applied for. The warrant can be renewed if the person’s signature on the application is still current at the time of renewal. If a warrant is renewed then the name of the person who is named on the warrant will have to be cleared from any existing warrants that are in existence.

Warrant Records can be used for many purposes such as tracking a person down in case of an accident, preventing identity theft and finding a missing person. People can even check to see if a marriage status is active in certain states such as Texas and Louisiana. If a person has a sex crime registered against them then it will be listed on the Sex Offenders Registry. Warrant Records can also be used for searching people who have moved to a new state to prevent them from escaping arrest when they are reported to authorities.

Warrant Records can also be very useful when hiring a new nanny or babysitter to look after your children. You will have to give the police and the person applying the job permission to look through the person’s records to ensure that they do not have a criminal record which could make them unsuitable for the job. It is also possible to get background information on someone if you wish to hire a business partner or an employee.