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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2611)Crawford County Police Departments
Hutsonville Police Department113 South Main StreetHutsonvilleIL62433618-563-4092
Crawford County Police Departments
Oblong Police Department202 South Range StreetOblongIL62449618-592-4715
Palestine Police Department301 South Main StreetPalestineIL62451618-586-2464
Robinson Police Department300 South Lincoln StreetRobinsonIL62454618-544-2217
Crawford County Sheriff Departments
Crawford County Sheriff / Crawford County Jail203 South Jefferson StreetRobinsonIL62454618-546-1515
Crawford County Sheriff's Office203 South Jefferson StreetRobinsonIL62454618-546-1515
Crawford County Probation Department
Crawford County Probation Department105 Douglas StreetRobinsonIL62454618-544-2575
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How to Look Up Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Crawford County Illinois are maintained in the Office of the Circuit Court Judge in that Circuit. These records list all warrants that have been issued in that county and their names. If a person fails to appear at his trial or if he fails to show up for a court date, the warrant will be filed with the circuit court judge. If a warrant is issued for your arrest, it will be carried by the police to your home and you will be immediately searched.

You will not be informed if the warrant was renewed or not. Warrant searches are strictly confidential. If the person you want to search does not have a record, you cannot conduct your search.

In some cases, you can search without showing any proof of identity. If the name of the person you want to search is very common, it could be difficult to get results. For example, a person with the same last name as you might have a warrant issued in another county. The best way to overcome this difficulty would be to use a combination of names. For example, you might use the names of both husband and wife or both husbands and wives if there is another person with the same names.

The only way to tell whether you have a warrant is to get the records from the courthouse. You should visit the courthouse at least two days in advance to be sure that the records are in stock. You will need to fill out an application requesting permission to search the record. If the person you want to search has ever been convicted of a felony, it will also be indicated on your application. However, if the person you want to search does not have a criminal record, it may be difficult to get the information.

It is best to go to the courthouse when you know for sure the person you want to search is free to come and go as he pleases. If he were to run away, you could end up having to follow him and could risk catching him. The best solution is to pick a reliable day and try to get a hold of the person’s name. If you do find a warrant, you can send a letter to the court requesting the arrest warrant to be canceled.

You can also check the county’s records to see if they have a record of the person you are searching for. There are national background checks that may help you. However, it is still best to perform a nationwide search with federal and state criminal databases. Once you have the information you need from the nationwide databases, you will be able to cancel any warrants issued within the jurisdiction of the issuing court.

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