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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2602)Carroll County Police Departments
Mount Carroll Police Department302 North Main StreetMount CarrollIL61053815-244-5313
Carroll County Police Departments
Chadwick Police Department10 West 2nd StreetChadwickIL61014815-684-5264
Lanark Police Department111 South Boyd StreetLanarkIL61046815-493-6931
Milledgeville City Police Department334 North Main AvenueMilledgevilleIL61051815-225-7134
Savanna Police Department101 Main StreetSavannaIL61074815-273-2246
Shannon Police Department406 South Linn StreetShannonIL61078815-864-2776
Shannon Police Department17 East Market StreetShannonIL61078815-864-2776
Thomson Police DepartmentPO Box 248ThomsonIL61285815-259-3905
Thomson Police Department800 West Main StreetThomsonIL61285815-259-3905
Carroll County Sheriff Department
Carroll County Sheriffs Department301 North Main StreetMount CarrollIL61053815-244-9171
Carroll County Probation Department
Carroll County Probation Department301 North Main StreetMount CarrollIL61053815-244-0249
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Where Can I Find Criminal Records? Warrant Records

If you have a speeding ticket or other traffic offense on your record you will most likely find that the police will obtain a copy of your record called a “warrant record” after investigating your case. A “warrant record” is simply all of the official documentation about an individual that the state government has collected and put into a binder. This would include things like any previous arrest records, any traffic fines that have been collected and placed on your driving record, any court records for any past convictions and even any juvenile arrest records. In some states they also keep a record of sex offenses, but it varies from state to state.

One of the main reasons that the police will obtain a warrant is so they can search it and see if there are any outstanding warrants out for your arrest. So how does this help the police? Well if they find a warrant for your arrest they can pick you up and take you in for booking. You do not want to stand outside with no hope of being let free because of a missing warrant. But how does someone find out if there is a warrant out for their arrest?

Searching through the local courthouse records is one option, but this can be very time consuming. If you are close to where you are accused of committing the crime then this might be an option for you. In some cases a criminal records checker can be used to find out the status of a person’s criminal history. This could give you the peace of mind you need to feel safe knowing your record is clear and free of any pending charges.

If you are looking to hire a new employee then it is important that you find out if they have a criminal record or if they have been arrested and convicted of a crime. It would be in your best interest to at least know the past employment records for any prospective employees. These days it is very easy to get your own records online by using your computer. There are many record providers that allow you to access their large databases to search for information.

There are even companies that will mail out electronic versions of these documents to any location around the country. These providers will charge a flat fee for any type of warrant records you may need. You will also be able to access these records online to find out if a certain person has a criminal record. If you are interested in keeping track of the people that are living around you then you will want to search for these warrant records. These types of reports can tell you what kind of people a person is, where they live, and if they have a history of stealing or other criminal acts.

When you are conducting a search to find out more about a person then you will have to fill out an application and submit it to the court house. After this is done then the records will become public and you will be able to view the details. When you want to see the original copy then you will have to go back to the courthouse and request it. This can take some time as there are many people waiting to get hold of them.