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Warrant Records Are Important to Deal With Your Felon Background

By definition, a warrant records are those files that contain the name and cause of arrest of a person for a criminal offense. In Adams County Illinois, there are two main types of warrants that are filed: criminal and civil. A criminal warrant is one that has been issued by a judge upon the conclusion of an arraignment or trial. There are typically several criteria that must be met before a warrant is issued. When applied for, these warrants generally include the name of the person to whom the warrant is targeted as well as a description of the crime with which they are accused.

When applying for a criminal warrant, applicants must provide the clerk of court with the name, address, birth date, and social security number of the individual they want the warrant executed. If the name, address, birth date, and social security number do not match the information provided by the applicant, an error will be made and the warrant will be canceled. Once the name, address, and birth date match, the warrant will be granted. If there is a discrepancy within the information provided, the warrant will be rejected and a new application will be filed with the courthouse. After an error is discovered, it is imperative that applicants provide new information in order to prevent the cancellation of their application.

All warrants issued in Adams County are considered criminal records. Criminal records are not listed for the purposes of free identification or self-clusion. In the event of an arrest, an individual can be arrested without a warrant. However, if an individual does have a valid reason for an arrest, a warrant may be issued to aid in searching for the arrest warrant.

Once an arrest warrant is obtained, it may be used by law enforcement officials to take the named defendant into custody. If an arrest warrant is originally obtained through the court, then it is filed with the Central Records of Illinois. From there, the name of the individual who was arrested is obtained as well as any other additional information pertaining to their name. Any warrants issued in Adams County may be transferred to another county if the request is made in good faith. If not, then the warrant is canceled.

It is imperative that when a criminal record is accessed, it is correct and complete. Doing so is especially important if the person is known to have committed a crime involving a firearm. The person’s name should match exactly to that which is on the records so that if an attempt is made to apply for credit, insurance, or employment, that person’s name will appear as though they were the one who committed the crime. When doing a background check on someone, it is vital that all pertinent information is reported because otherwise, that person may have a chance to gain access to items that are not needed. It is also important to obtain the records from the jurisdiction that issued the warrant.

Accessing an individual’s records is usually done by going to the local sheriff or police station where the crime occurred. From there, a warrant will be issued based on the information that is provided. The individual will usually be arrested immediately after the warrant is obtained because of the violations. Arresting the person will require a warrant of arrest be issued by a judge. It is extremely important to have this warrant so that it can be obtained if and when necessary. These records are used to ensure that the person is legally allowed to own a firearm.