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Teton County Probation Department230 North Main StreetDriggsID83422208-354-3862
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Teton County Sheriffs Office89 North Main StreetDriggsID83422208-354-2323
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Understanding the Use of Warrants and Permit Records

Warrant Records in Teton County Idaho hold a variety of personal information regarding a person such as criminal and traffic violations. By obtaining a copy of a person’s record, law enforcement officials are able to keep track of any crimes the individual has been charged with. Without this important documentation, law enforcement cannot legally investigate a case. Warrant records are kept in two places by law; at the county courthouse and in the county jail. Both of these places compile data on all warrants for criminal and civil cases throughout the state.

It is possible for a criminal suspect to have more than one warrant issued by a grand jury. This means that each warrant carries a time restriction, usually of one year. In some instances, a person can be on probation when they possess multiple warrants. If multiple warrants are issued in a short period of time, it is possible for a person to have an outstanding arrest warrant issued.

Obtaining a criminal background check using these records is quick and easy. Within seconds, you can find out if a person has a warrant issued in relation to their crime. Performing a search requires no fees and online access. If the person’s record is available in your area, the records are readily available.

If you are interested in an individual’s criminal history, there are many reasons to use this type of public information. A background check can reveal information regarding arrests for felony and lesser charges, any juvenile records, sexual offenses, military records, marriage information, divorce records, contact information, drug testing records and more. The search can yield any court documents related to the person. Warrant records are considered public information because they are stored in the local courthouse. You can learn a persons complete criminal history when you access these records.

Law enforcement uses these types of records when investigating a crime. By obtaining this information, they are able to piece together a complete criminal history of a person. By checking to see if there is a warrant issued for their arrest, police have the ability to easily narrow down the area in which they are investigating.

Criminal background checks that utilize a person’s criminal records are very beneficial for employers, landlords, employers and landlords. With a criminal background search, you can be rest assured that a person’s history is not overlooked. These types of records provide information that is not always provided by some of the online services. Performing a warrant check on anyone who may come in to your home or place of business is very important.