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The Importance of Performing a Warrant Records Search

Warrant Records in Cassia County Idaho include all court and criminal warrants that have been issued under the laws of civil and criminal courts. They contain a record of an individual’s arrest for any crime or misdemeanor on the state, federal or county level. A record also shows when, where and for how long a warrant has been active. In some cases these documents are public record and can be accessed by the general public. In other instances they may be protected and confidential and only available to law enforcement agencies and other licensed agencies.

If you are arrested for any criminal offense in Idaho you will need to have your name, address, date of birth and social security number before a judge can legally have you committed into jail. If you fail to do this your name will be added to the national sex offenders registry. If you are arrested for a criminal offense in Idaho it is imperative that you obtain a copy of your official court documents to make sure that you are not in any way violating any of your states’ laws. These documents include your original court release form that tells the judge why you were arrested, the charges against you and any evidence or witnesses that were used against you. These forms are also filed with the Department of Licensing and Regulation of Idaho.

If you are ever stopped at a police checkpoint and searched for any outstanding warrants they will perform a search of your criminal history using the Vital Records Office data base. If there are no records found then the checkpoint will then conduct an automatic search of the database. If the results of this search come back with a match then the individual is usually immediately informed of their arrest and that they are being held accountable for whatever offenses they were identified with. On the other hand if there is still no record returned then the person is required by law to personally submit an application for a search to the Office of the Secretary of State with detailed information about the crime that they were accused of.

By law if an individual knowingly fails to disclose their identity when applying for a driver’s license then a warrant can be issued for their arrest. This is why it is very important for anyone who may be involved in any type of criminal activity or who has been accused of any crime, to be aware of their criminal background at all times. Many people underestimate the importance of performing a criminal records search on themselves and underestimate the potential exposure that their information can have if they are ever searched. If you are ever stopped at a police checkpoint and searched for any outstanding warrants then it is very likely that you will be required to produce your original documentation or show them the original documents that you have submitted. This can be extremely frustrating for anyone that is being searched.

Warrant searches are performed by many different law enforcement agencies including local, state, federal and juvenile division. You can also request the copy of your own criminal record to find out if you have had any warrants issued against you. Out of any of the criminal record search options you can choose to go online to do your search right from your home. There are currently many companies that have websites where you can perform a criminal records check right from the comfort of your own computer. These types of websites usually only charge a small fee and it usually takes less than a half an hour to perform your search.

In addition, there are some companies that can provide access to national and state criminal records as well. These databases usually charge a nominal fee and typically allow you access to hundreds of different databases. You can also go the free route and use a search engine like Google to do an online criminal records search. One limitation to using a search engine is that the results from using this method are not always guaranteed accurate as these records are usually compiled from various court houses around the country. If you want more detailed information then you are probably better off using one of the paid criminal record search services that are available.