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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3107)White County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
White County Probation Department1235 Helen HighwayClevelandGA30528706-865-2235
White County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
White County Sheriffs Department / White County Jail1210 Hulsey RoadClevelandGA30528706-865-5177
Cleveland Police Department85 South Main StreetClevelandGA30528706-865-2111
Georgia Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement - Unicoi State Park1788 Georgia 356HelenGA30545706-878-2207
Helen Police Department25 Alpenrosen StrasseHelenGA30545706-878-2722
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Warrant Records – Checking Out Someone’s Criminal Activity

If you are trying to perform a criminal history check on somebody, you will need to access the vital information provided by the White County Criminal Records Database. The database contains all public information regarding arrests and convictions of all felony charges, judgments, misdemeanor charges, warrants for arrest, and more. These records can be retrieved from various government agencies like the FBI, courts, correctional facilities and others. It is believed that thousands of people are wrongfully convicted due to faulty data and incomplete information. This problem can be easily rectified if the person concerned has one of the links provided in this website.

This web site contains comprehensive information on felony convictions that were committed in White County, Georgia over the years. The database also provides information on arrests and convictions for domestic violence, assault, burglary, disorderly conduct, theft, embezzlement, and several other criminal activities. Some of these data are derived from state criminal history records while some are obtained directly from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The latter is believed to be the most reliable source of information as it is inclusive of all federal and state criminal records. Moreover, this database includes all the vital records such as court rulings, inmate information, inmate records, inmate search, and so many more. Hence, it provides a complete background check service that will save you precious time and money.

Performing a criminal activity search using this database can help you get rid of your doubts and unanswered questions regarding a particular person. You can easily obtain critical information on any individual by checking out the records. Searching for vital public records is time consuming and sometimes even expensive. But when you opt for online public records search, you will be able to retrieve information within a few seconds. Moreover, this information is readily available for free but you may not receive updated or useful information.

This website can give you important information regarding a person who is about to face a court hearing. It can provide you vital information about a person you are suspecting of a criminal offense. It can also help you verify the information that an employee has provided in his resume. In addition, you can get important details about a person who has moved to a new place and changed their name. This is because all public records in the state are linked together and updated to facilitate easy searching.

Doing criminal activity checks online can be carried out by simply going to the website of the National Crime Information Center (NCIN). This is an online database which can provide you all kinds of information about a person who is wanted for any kind of criminal activity. All the recorded information about a person including warrants is collected and maintained by the NCIN. It maintains an online record of warrants of arrests and criminal activities. This database also includes all the arrests and searches that were conducted under its jurisdiction. You can easily find a person by checking out the details provided by the NCIN.

Apart from providing information about warrants, you can also find out more information by doing warrant checks. These warrant records contain the personal particulars of the person who was wanted for any criminal activity such as breach of the peace, theft, rape, murder, kidnapping, embezzlement, and many other criminal activities. The database also includes all the details about property seized by the police during a particular trial or any other court proceedings. This makes it easier to track down stolen goods. Warrant checks are essential in maintaining order and safety in society.