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Webster County Sheriffs Office175 Montgomery StreetPrestonGA31824229-828-7503
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Marion County Sheriff / Marion County Detention Center388 Georgia 41Buena VistaGA31803229-649-3841
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Warrant Records in Webster County Georgia

There are many types of warrants in Webster County Georgia. In each case, the court will grant a warrant to a law enforcement officer that is able to “search and arrest” the person for the specified reason. However, not all warrants were created equal. An outstanding warrant may be revoked or a person may have a restraining order against them.

If you are being searched by law enforcement, then your name may be entered into a database to be accessed by other law enforcement agencies and federal agencies. Search warrant databases online to see if your name is included. In addition, some cell phone companies have already started keeping warrant records in their databases. To find this information, you can use a cell phone lookup tool on their website. If it is an outstanding warrant, then your name may be included in their database.

The courts in Webster County Georgia are not legally binding. They only allow warrants to be filed with the courts after a person is convicted for an outstanding warrant or after the person has been convicted of a crime. Once the person’s warrant is renewed, they may no longer be arrested for the warrant unless it is renewed. Therefore, it is important to check for yourself to make sure the warrant is still active.

If you are in the process of applying for or a marriage certificate, then the warrant may be used to deny your request. It may also prevent you from having your civil union or marriage license. It will be in your best interests to check for yourself to make sure your name is not one that has been listed on a warrant. Also, if you are being investigated for any type of criminal activity, then your name should be removed from any lists of registered sex offenders in your county.

A warrant may be issued for a variety of reasons. An outstanding warrant is one that is issued by a judge after a person fails to appear at court. Another reason a warrant may be issued is when a person fails to disclose their identity when requesting a document from a government agency. It is your responsibility to always carry around a copy of your ID, so if you fail to show up for your court date, you should contact your local law enforcement agency and they can assist you in getting the warrant lifted.

A warrant can be very serious. If a warrant is issued for your arrest, then you may not be able to leave the state until you have surrendered your passport or you are on an airplane out of the state. Many people become scared when this happens and they end up staying in jail while the warrant is being investigated. Some people may not even want to discuss their warrants with anyone because they feel as if they are under scrutiny. It is your right to know the reasons for your warrants, so you can make smart decisions about your future.