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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3089)Thomas County Police Departments
Georgia State Patrol Troop G Post 12 - Thomasville4800 U.s. 84ThomasvilleGA31792229-225-4000
Thomas County Police Departments
Thomasville Police Department921 Smith AvenueThomasvilleGA31792229-227-3249
Barwick Police DepartmentEast Main StreetBarwickGA31720229-735-3928
Boston Police Department120 South Main StreetBostonGA31626229-498-8024
Coolidge Police Department3065 South Pine StreetCoolidgeGA31738229-346-3551
Georgia Bureau Of Investigations Region 9396 South Pinetree BoulevardThomasvilleGA31792229-225-4090
Meigs Police Department1006 Depot StreetMeigsGA31765229-683-3117
Pavo Police Department1005 Harris StreetPavoGA31778229-859-2111
Thomas County Sheriff Department
Thomas County Sheriffs Office / Thomas County Detention Center921 Smith AvenueThomasvilleGA31792229-225-3300
Thomas County FBI Office
Thomasville Georgia FBI Office2012 East Pinetree BoulevardThomasvilleGA31792229-226-0626
Thomas County Probation Department
Thomas County Probation Department800 West Jackson StreetThomasvilleGA31792229-225-4021
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Warrant Records Are a Must Have For Your Criminal Record Search

If you are a law abiding citizen, you likely know what a warrant is. In Georgia, warrants can be searched without a person being informed of it. A warrant is an administrative order that authorizes a law enforcement officer to search and seize a person for a specified crime when the officer has reasonable suspicion to do so. A warrant will typically be issued for some type of criminal act like assault, murder, robbery, embezzlement, accessory to theft, solicitation, and several other violent offenses. A warrant also may be issued if a person fails to appear at a proceeding or has some type of traffic violation.

A warrant expires if it has not been served upon the person and it was not found within 30 days from issuance. If a warrant is issued in Thomas County, any police officer may execute a warrant to find the person. However, the person must first be found. In certain circumstances, a person can have their day in court and defend against the charges. However, if the case is tried before the warrant is carried out, it is most often entered as a judgment against the accused.

A person can have a warrant issued or they can have their warrant renewed. With a renewal warrant, the person who was originally accused of the crime can renew their warrant and the case will move forward. This means that if a person does not show up for their court date, their record will still reflect the original arrest. The new warrant will show the date of expiration. If the person still shows up, the case will be continued and another warrant will be issued.

People can request to have their warrants canceled or sealed. In some counties, there are laws that automatically make all warrants public record and these can include arrests and convictions. However, in some counties criminal records are sealed when a person completes their probation or is discharged from a juvenile detention facility. In other counties, records are sealed only for specific purposes, such as sex offenders.

If a person wants to search for their own warrant, they can use one of two resources. They can either go online to an official government website where they can access all public records in the country or they can use a private company that has access to these records. Using a private company is much more efficient and can save time because the person searching will not have to wait for the person to actually appear in court or for paperwork to be processed.

Although not every record in the country is available through a warrant database, a few places do have warrant information. If the person has been charged with a crime where their warrant has been issued, their name will be found on the records. However, since not every county has this information, a person may have to use other resources to find their record. It is important to understand the warrant process so that a person knows their warrant options and can avoid any unwanted consequences.