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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(3064)Peach County Police Departments
Byron Marshal's Office401 Main StreetByronGA31008478-956-2880
Peach County Police Departments
Byron Police Department103 Highway 49ByronGA31008478-956-2880
Fort Valley Police Department200 West Church StreetFort ValleyGA31030478-825-3383
Fort Valley State University PoliceState University DriveFort ValleyGA31030478-825-6304
Peach County Sheriff Departments
Peach County Law Enforcement Center1007 Spruce StreetFort ValleyGA31030478-825-8269
Peach County Sheriff's Office205 West Church StreetFort ValleyGA31030478-825-2535
Peach County Probation Department
Peach County Probation Department112 South Camellia BoulevardFort ValleyGA31030478-825-1166
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Criminal Background Check – You Can Get Criminal Records Online

What are warrant records? They are records that show a person has been arrested and there is an outstanding warrant out for their arrest. What does this mean? In order to be searched, the person has to be arrested. Warrant records are used by law enforcement officers as a means of finding people wanted on warrants of various types. By doing a search online you can get these records.

What is involved in getting a warrant? A person needs to be charged with a crime before there is a warrant out for their arrest. The record that shows a person has been charged with a crime will show an outstanding warrant for their arrest. This is known as an arrest warrant. This warrant will stay active unless there are extenuating circumstances that warrant it being lifted.

What does “extenuating circumstances” mean? This means there are mitigating circumstances that have resulted in the warrant being lifted. For instance, the person may have gotten a new job within the past six months without having any previous arrests. This will most likely result in the charges being dropped. If this is the case, the warrant will be dismissed.

Other reasons warrant charges can be dropped include if the person completes community service or goes to an alcohol rehabilitation program. There are other reasons that the charges could be dropped but these are common and will usually result in the charges being dropped. Warrant records are not only available online, you can also get them from the county courthouse.

Criminal background checks are a great way to determine a person’s history. These records are more detailed than warrant checks and will show more than just traffic tickets. You will see arrest records, criminal records, warrant charges, and more. These records will tell you whether or not a person has a history of violence, sexual assault, theft, fraud, domestic violence, and more. They will also show if the person has ever been married and when.

When you use a criminal background check, you are able to learn a persons criminal history. You are able to learn a persons history and all of their contact information. It is very easy to obtain this information, and you will be able to feel safe with who you are dating or hiring. Performing a background check will allow you to feel safe in the neighborhood that you are dating in or working at any jobs that you apply for.