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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2913)Grady County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Grady County Probation Department24 3rd Avenue NortheastCairoGA39828229-377-5347
Grady County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Grady County Sheriff's Office250 North Broad StreetCairoGA39828229-377-5200
Grady County Sheriffs Department / Grady County Jail115 16th Avenue NortheastCairoGA39828229-377-5200
Cairo Police Department4 South Broad StreetCairoGA39828229-378-3096
Whigham Police Department105 West Broad AvenueWhighamGA39897229-762-3366
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Warrant Records in Georgia

Warrant Records in Grady County Georgia are considered public records by the Georgia Secretary of State. Anyone can obtain copies of warrants, except peace officers (with a court order). If a warrant is issued for an outstanding arrest warrant, you will be notified by mail. If the person failed to appear at their court date, they will be held in jail until their warrant is cleared or released.

An outstanding warrant will show up on your record if you fail to appear at your court date as scheduled. It also shows that the accused person has been convicted of a crime. The name of the person will be entered into the court records if the person fails to appear. If a person is arrested for a warrant, the booking papers will be given to the jail and they will place the person into the holding cells for booking. At the time of booking the persons name will appear on the booking records.

The State of Georgia will only release warrant records to law enforcement agencies, unless they are going to be used in a criminal case. A warrant can be issued by the court by ordering it through the probate court. You can contact your local law enforcement agency to find out how to get this record. Your local police department can tell you the process and procedures for getting a copy. You will need to follow these procedures or it could delay your application for a copy of the warrant.

After the person is arrested for a criminal act, they will be taken to the county jail. They will be photographed and fingerprinted before being photographed and fingerprinted again while in the holding cells. Once all of the booking procedures are completed, the booking papers will be returned to the office. At this point the police department will perform a search of the person’s database to find any criminal history they have. If there is a criminal background check, it will be on the criminal record. If there is not, the record will be marked as “missing”.

These warrant records will become available to anyone that searches for them. If the person you want to look up has a warrant out for their arrest, they may be able to see the warrant. However, a warrant will only allow access to someone in the criminal files, not to someone who is looking for a copy of a warrant.

Searching for a criminal background check is easy. You can do it right online with a paid website or you can use a free service. Both of these methods are reliable and have a solid track record of working. So, if you have a warrant out for your arrest, you can use an online criminal records check to find out if there is a warrant out for your arrest.