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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2899)Effingham County Police Departments
Georgia State Patrol Troop I Post 42 - Rincon2792 Georgia 21RinconGA31326912-754-1180
Effingham County Police Departments
Guyton Police Department Headquarters505 Magnolia StreetGuytonGA31312912-772-8745
Rincon Police Department107 West 17th StreetRinconGA31326912-826-5200
Springfield Police Department130 South Laurel StreetSpringfieldGA31329912-754-3061
Effingham County Sheriff Departments
Effingham County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 1015SpringfieldGA31329912-754-3449
Effingham County Sheriffs Department / Effingham County Jail130 West First Street ExtensionSpringfieldGA31329912-754-3449
Effingham County Sheriffs Department Shawnee Substation4636 Georgia 21SpringfieldGA31329912-754-8888
Effingham County Probation Department
Effingham County Probation Department902 North Pine StreetSpringfieldGA31329912-754-4155
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Warrant Records – Information You Need to Know About Them

What are warrants? Warrants are orders given by a judge or magistrates to a person for a specific purpose. The person is then usually detained and brought before the courts for the reason mentioned in the warrant. Warrant records in Effingham County, Georgia contain information on warrants that were issued in that area from 1776 to present.

What does a warrant mean? A warrant refers to an order from a judge that states that a person is accused of an offense and that the person is to be arrested immediately. If the person fails to appear at the scheduled time, the warrant will be carried out and the arrested person will be caught. Warrant records in Effingham County state when a person was served with a warrant and also show when and where the warrant was issued.

How can one find out more information about a warrant? Information about warrants is usually made public under the Freedom of Information Act. However, a warrant remains sealed until it is delivered to the person named on the warrant. This means that one has to personally serve the person with the original copy of the warrant. A person can then obtain other information such as the person’s current address.

Why would someone want to search for someone’s name and address through a warrant? Many people run missing persons searches to look for lost loved ones. They also conduct live hunts on people they suspect of committing a crime so that they can look for them after the crime is committed. Another common reason people search for someone’s name and address through a warrant is if they have suspicion that someone may have been involved in their child’s abuse. In these cases, a warrant will give the police enough evidence to arrest the suspect.

When you want to search for a person’s warrant information, an online background check is a good place to start. These searches will tell you if the person you want to look up has a criminal record or not. If you do a background check, you can learn the person’s full legal name, present and past addresses, birth date, marital information, Social Security number, and more.

The process of getting a warrant records is usually quick. You simply need to visit the website of the county where the person got his/her address. From there, you will be asked to put in the person’s name. Then you will be directed to the results page. As soon as you see the record that you want, you can view it or even print it if you wish. In most cases, this information will be available for a fee.