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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2788)Cook County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cook County Sheriffs Department / Cook County Jail1000 County Farm RoadAdelGA31620229-896-7471
Cook County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Adel Police Department204 East 3rd StreetAdelGA31620229-896-2224
Georgia Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement - Reed Bingham State Park542 Reed Bingham RoadAdelGA31620229-896-3551
Lenox Police Department15 East Colquitt AvenueLenoxGA31637229-546-3030
Sparks Police Department115 Colquitt StreetSparksGA31647229-549-7181
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Searching For Warrant Records in Cook County

Warrant Records in Cook County, Georgia are maintained by the Cook County Criminal Records Office. You can look up information about an individual by performing a search in the Cook County public records database. If you have an individual’s name and address, you can search for criminal activity that occurred in this person’s past. You can find out if someone was arrested or convicted of a crime in the past, or if they were involved in any accidents.

Searching through these records is usually free. If you would like to search for specific information, however, you may be required to pay a nominal fee. There are different types of warrants for different purposes. For example, there are active arrest warrants which show that the person has been arrested, and has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

Indictment warrants show that a person has been accused of a crime. A bench warrant is used when the person doesn’t qualify for bail and is being held in jail awaiting trial. Traffic warrants are used when a person is operating a vehicle while committing a crime. Warrant records will show all types of warrants for people in Cook County.

The purpose of obtaining criminal records is to ensure that the person applying for a job, or is allowed to be in a place that is considered public. These records will reveal information such as any previous felonies or sex offenses, any arrests, traffic offenses, and any other civil action. Depending on the nature of the situation, some of the information may also be used for background checks. An employer who is considering hiring someone, for example, can use a criminal background check to find out the person’s past. They will find out about traffic tickets and other information that will affect the hiring decision.

There are different ways to search through Cook County public records. One option is to visit the courthouse in each county where the records are available. This will give you access to the most current information, but you will have to physically go to the courthouse and search through files. Another option is to access the website of the Cook County Record Department online.

Searching online is fast and easy. Once you have found the site you want to use, you will fill out the form online and pay the fee. You will then be able to view the records immediately. You are then allowed to print out the results so you can find the person you want more information on. This option is faster and allows you to obtain the information you need very quickly.