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(2778)Chattooga County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Chattooga County Probation DepartmentNorthwest Congress StreetSummervilleGA30747706-857-0728
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Chattooga County Sheriffs Department / Chattooga County Jail35 West Washington StreetSummervilleGA30747706-857-3411
Summerville Police Department170 Cox StreetSummervilleGA30747706-857-0912
Summerville Police Precinct162 Union StreetSummervilleGA30747706-859-0930
Trion Police Department1220 Pine StreetTrionGA30753706-734-2424
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How to Search For Warrant Records

You may have heard of the term “warrant record” in reference to any type of court or legal document. But what exactly is a warrant? And what exactly is the scope of warrant searches in Georgia? In this article, we’ll go over the basics of warrant searches and what they mean when they occur.

A warrant is a legal term that refers to a legal document that says a person has committed a crime, and that the person has been arrested for that crime. In most cases, a warrant will be issued by a judge after a defendant has been convicted of a crime. The judge will issue the warrant if the defendant can’t produce the needed paperwork to prove their innocence, such as a birth certificate or verification of Social Security numbers. Once the warrant is issued, anyone who attempts to arrest the person, without a warrant, is considered committing a felony under the law.

So what happens to someone who’s wanted on a warrant because they can’t produce the necessary paperwork? If a person is wanted on a warrant, they usually can’t leave the state, unless they are found guilty. Even then, if they fail to appear at their court date, their case may be dismissed. Some jurisdictions have also ruled that any record of the person’s criminal records, even minor infractions, are public record and can be searched. However, in Georgia, a warrant cannot be searched without the consent of the person being searched.

People who are caught with outstanding warrants can be held in jail until their warrant is issued or until the warrant is lifted ( forfeited). If a person does not show up at their court date for whatever reason, the warrant could be renewed. Sometimes, a warrant may be revoked after a few months or weeks, only to be re-activated a short while later. People who are caught with outstanding warrants are not necessarily a flight risk, but their status is still public record.

By law, you have the right to access your own criminal records in Georgia. You can do this yourself by going online and doing an authorized search. There is a minimal charge for accessing these records, usually a small one-time fee. If you are doing a background check on someone, an online search may be more suitable because it gives you comprehensive details about the person and their history. This may also include marriage and divorce records, arrests and convictions, outstanding warrants, and other public records.

You can access these types of documents through local courthouses, but you will have to do the work by visiting the courthouse in person. This could involve a lot of hassle for people who don’t have a lot of extra time to spare for appearances in local court. Fortunately, there are many companies that perform online warrant records searches, so you can perform your own background check quickly and conveniently. Search the official website of the Chattooga County Clerk of Court to find out more information.