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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2693)Camden County Police Departments
Georgia Department Of Natural Resources Law Enforcement - Crooked River State Park6222 Charlie Smith Sr HighwaySt. MarysGA31558912-882-5256
Camden County Police Departments
Kingsland Police Department111 South SeaboardKingslandGA31548912-729-8254
Kingsland Police Department111S North Seaboard StreetKingslandGA31548870-348-5500
Saint Marys Police Department563 Point Peter RoadSt. MarysGA31558912-882-4488
Camden County Sheriff Departments
Camden County Sheriff's Office209 East 4th StreetWoodbineGA31569912-510-5100
Camden County Sheriffs Department - Substation6350 Georgia 40St. MarysGA31558912-510-5121
Camden County Sheriffs Department / Camden County Jail210 East 4th StreetWoodbineGA31569912-510-5100
Camden County Probation Departments
Camden County Probation Department306 Bedell AvenueWoodbineGA31569912-729-7844
Charlton County Probation Department205 West 4th StreetWoodbineGA31569912-576-5998
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Warrant Records – What You Should Know

It’s important to know what a Warrant Records in Camden County Georgia means. A “warrant” is a legal document from a court that says a person has committed a crime and requires that person to stand trial. There are two types of warrants that exist in civil courts and criminal courts. One type of warrant is the ” Arrest warrant,” which is only valid if there is an arrest made against the person.

Another type of warrant is the “detainer” or “bail warrant.” This is a more specific version of an arrest warrant that requires a showing of probable cause for the arrest of the person. A bail warrant may be filed in any court, and it shows that there is “a reasonable basis to believe” that the person will return to pending charges. These are special warrants that require a showing of specific evidence that a person has committed a crime.

The most common type of warrant is the Criminal Records Check. This is used when a person applies to hire a new job, or when they want to rent a house or apartment, and one of the ways to check to see if the person has any criminal records is to go online and do a criminal records check. This can give you the most up to date information about a person’s criminal history.

There are also different types of warrants, depending on the jurisdiction. In some jurisdictions, for example, a person who owes child support cannot have their name on a warrant. In other jurisdictions, a person who fails to appear at court when they’re supposed to can be put in jail. Warrants are usually issued when a person is arrested, but sometimes they are issued when a crime has been committed or there’s a suspicion that a crime might be committed.

To find out more about whether a person has a warrant, you can go online to one of the many public records databases that allow you to search for a person’s criminal background information. Most of these sites allow you to search by state, county or municipal entity. The type of record you’ll get will depend on where you go. If you go to a public record site, such as one of the major search engines like Google, you’ll likely only be able to get limited information.

The best way to find out more about warrants and to find out if you have one is to use an online criminal background checking service. These services are widely available, and can cost as little as $20. These services check local police stations’ records to make sure that a person has a criminal record. They also cross-reference federal databases to make sure that the person has a criminal record. You don’t even have to pay to use one of these services. Some companies will allow you to run a basic free criminal report to see if there’s a warrant out for your name.