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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2684)Bibb County Police Departments
Bibb County Board Of Education Campus Police2444 Roff AvenueMaconGA31204
Bibb County Police Departments
Bibb County Drug Squad651 Hazel StreetMaconGA31201478-621-5510
Bibb County Law Enforcement Center668 Oglethorpe StreetMaconGA31201478-746-9441
Georgia Department Of Natural Resources Wildlife Resources Division - Region 4 Law Enforcement2618 Shurling DriveMaconGA31211478-751-6415
Georgia Forestry Commission5645 Riggins Mill RoadDry BranchGA31020478-751-3500
Macon Police Department682 Cherry StreetMaconGA31201478-751-7505
Macon Police Department700 Poplar StreetMaconGA31201478-751-7505
Macon Police Department - Precinct 11765 Shurling DriveMaconGA31211478-751-9116
Macon Police Department - Precinct 22654 Houston AvenueMaconGA31206478-751-9171
Macon Police Department - Precinct 3400 Pio Nono AvenueMaconGA31204478-751-9276
Macon Police Department - Precinct 43711 Bloomfield RoadMaconGA31206478-751-9134
Macon State College100 College Station DriveMaconGA31206
Medical Center Of Central Georgia Police777 Hemlock StreetMaconGA31201
Wesleyan College Police Department4760 Forsyth RoadMaconGA31210478-757-5138
Bibb County Sheriff Department
Bibb County Sheriffs Office668 Oglethorpe StreetMaconGA31201478-746-9441
Bibb County DEA Office
Macon Georgia DEA Office3920 Arkwright RoadMaconGA31210478-757-8754
Bibb County FBI Office
Macon Georgia FBI Office201 2nd StreetMaconGA31201478-745-1271
Bibb County Probation Departments
Bibb County Probation Department601 Mulberry StreetMaconGA31201478-621-6330
Macon County Probation Department601 Mulberry StreetMaconGA31201478-621-6676
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Criminal Records Are Not Always Available to the Public

Warrant Records in Bibb County Georgia are one of the most requested public records of today. It is a fact that people can now be charged with crimes, even if they have not been accused of the crime yet. Because warrants are now part of the criminal law, anyone can be placed under arrest for any and all reasons at all, even if they are never charged with any crime in their lives.

The only way to avoid being arrested with a criminal warrant is to be absolutely sure that you do not have one before making any contact with the police. Warrant records allow a person to see exactly what charges a person is facing, and this can help them make the best decision on whether or not to plead guilty or no contest. While there are certain circumstances in which it is impossible to avoid a criminal warrant, there are many other ways for a person to avoid being under investigation.

Warrant records are kept in separate departments within the court system. They are kept separate from each other, and only a select few people in each jurisdiction have access to them. They are only available to the person whose name appears on the warrant, and he or she must sign a form stating that he or she has given permission for the records to be searched. Failure to sign such a form may cause a person to be charged with obstruction of justice, which is a more serious charge than simple obstruction of privacy.

Having a criminal record does not automatically mean that a person will be found guilty. Every situation is different, and while it is possible for a person with a warrant to be found guilty, it is also possible for that person to remain free because the warrant was invalid, or for some other reason. In these cases, the person who had the warrant will be notified by law enforcement that they need to appear in court to answer to their citation. In most cases, the person will simply show up.

Warrant records are public, but they are considered to be a private, federal, and state record. That means that they can not be used to hire someone to work for you, to give loans or mortgages, or to rent an apartment. If a person has a warrant for their arrest, it can affect their ability to get a new job, buy a cell phone, or even get in to a car. If you are interested in checking to see if you or a family member has been targeted by a warrant, you may be able to find out this information through a variety of online resources.

Warrant records are public, but not all records are actually public. If a person’s rights were violated in some way, they can request that their criminal records be sealed so that no one else can find out about it. This can happen in any number of situations, ranging from a person committing a crime in another state to them having a sex offense in the state where they live, to them being declared a dangerous person after being arrested for an outstanding warrant in their own town.