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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(2586)Baldwin County Police Departments
Georgia College And State University Police300 West Montgomery StreetMilledgevilleGA31061478-445-4054
Baldwin County Police Departments
Georgia Military College Police Dept.201 East Greene StreetMilledgevilleGA31061
Georgia State Patrol Troop E Post 33 - Milledgeville139 Georgia 49MilledgevilleGA31061478-445-4718
Milledgeville Police Department125 West Mcintosh StreetMilledgevilleGA31061478-414-4000
Baldwin County Sheriff Departments
Baldwin County Sheriff's Office311 Linda Drive NortheastMilledgevilleGA31061478-445-4891
Baldwin County Sheriff's Office119 Old Monticello Road NorthwestMilledgevilleGA31061
Baldwin County Sheriffs Office121 North Wilkinson StreetMilledgevilleGA31061478-445-4893
Baldwin County Probation Department
Baldwin County Probation Department131 North Jefferson Street NorthesatMilledgevilleGA31061478-445-4468
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Georgia law allows you to search warrant records in Baldwin County. Search warrants are administrative documents that allow police and other law enforcement officials to search and identify criminals. These documents are used for various purposes, such as investigating a crime, stopping a criminal, and enforcing a law. The first step to conducting a search is to apply for a search warrant. This can be done through the court of criminal justice or county clerk offices. The cost associated with obtaining this record will vary.

When searching for search warrant records in Georgia you will need the first and last name of the person, address, and the state they live in. You will also need the reason for the search. Some reasons to search warrant records are for verification, identification, background checks, etc… Search warrants can also be renewed after a period of time, but must be started anew.

If you have access to these records then you will be able to determine if there is probable cause to arrest the person. There are different procedures for obtaining this information. It depends on the jurisdiction where the search is taking place. Per state law most records are available online through the Georgia State Board of Education’s Vital Records web site. Other states have their own records available.

Searching for these records is not free, there is a fee for each record that you request. The cost is based on the number of pages searched and the information needed. There is a minimum amount of information required, which varies from state to state. Each state has different information that is required. However most require the full name of the person, date of birth, social security number, names of parent, aliases or maiden names, etc…

If you want to access a specific record you may need to fill out an application. You will be required to pay a minimal fee if the record is available. Some states allow you to search for these records for a lower fee or let you search for the information for free, however if the information is not available you may still be able to get the citation number by filling out the request form.

The information that you can get out of warrant records will depend on the jurisdiction that is investigating the person. For instance, if you live in Georgia and someone is wanted on a DUI charge then they would probably show up at your doorstep with a copy of the arrest warrant. The copy would have all the necessary information regarding the arrest and the crime that they were accused of. If you want to check up on a neighbor then you may want to see if they have a warrant issued in their name.