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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(37)Levy County Police Departments
Cedar Key Police Department490 2nd StreetCedar KeyFL32625352-543-5180
Levy County Police Departments
Chiefland Police Department15 North Main StreetChieflandFL32626352-493-6777
Chiefland Police Department14 East Park AvenueChieflandFL32626352-493-6777
Inglis Police Department1 Risher AvenueInglisFL34449352-447-0303
Inglis Police Department26 County Road 40InglisFL34449352-447-0970
Williston Police Department5 Southwest 1st AvenueWillistonFL32696352-528-4991
Levy County Sheriff Department
Levy County Sheriffs Department / Levy County Jail9150 Northeast 80th AvenueBronsonFL32621352-486-5121
Levy County Probation Department
Levy County Probation Department151 Capital StreetBronsonFL32621352-486-4470
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Where Can I Find Out About Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Levy County Florida are considered public records by law. However, they are not given the same treatment as other public records such as divorce records and criminal records. Warrant records are considered public domain, meaning that they are available to the public but cannot be used in further lawsuits or proceedings. In Florida, there are specific procedures and rules that govern when a warrant can be applied for and searched, and what are considered public records.

Warrant Records in Florida generally contain a person’s name and any crime they were arrested for during their lifetime. It does not include arrests for minor traffic offenses like jaywalking, however. Records of warrants do not contain a persons date of birth or address. They only give basic information about the person and their criminal records.

Warrant records in Florida have to be obtained from the courts. This is done through the courts or by requesting them through email or mail. There are specific reasons why a person may be searching for these public records and some are not even aware that they are searching for them.

Reasons For Searching Warrant Records In Florida The main reason for searching a person’s warrant status is if you have any suspicions about them. If you feel there is enough reason to keep them in your home or business, you can get a search done. Searching someone else’s record can be done, as well, if you believe they have committed a crime against you or someone else. A warrant can be issued for the person or against an individual. If there is no record of the warrant, it means the person doesn’t have one.

Warrant Records in Levy County The clerk of court in Levy County issues warrants. The only way to search a warrant is by going to the court house. It is possible to get access to the records through an online search; however, a court will issue the warrant and it is recorded in the court records. If you need to find out more about a warrant, you can go to the county courthouse and they will help you search for it.

Warrant Records in New Hampshire There are warrants out for various violations and if you want to know who a warrant is for, you can go to the district attorney’s office for the state of New Hampshire. The state will not give you a copy of the warrant unless you ask for it. You can also perform a search online but the results you get will not include a copy of the warrant. A warrant is a formal order that a court has issued stating that a person has committed a crime or other offense involving a weapon and that the person has to immediately surrender his or her weapons before they are taken into custody.