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Dixie County Sheriffs Office214 State Highway 351Cross CityFL32628352-498-1220
Dixie County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Cross City Police Department99 Northeast 210 AvenueCross CityFL32628352-498-3507
Florida Highway Patrol Troop B - Cross City16106 U.s. 19Cross CityFL32628352-498-1370
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What Are Criminal Records?

Warrant Records in Dixie County Florida are important. The State of Florida has made carrying out public arrest warrants a requirement for anyone who wishes to serve on a jury. In other words, someone serving on a jury in Dixie County without a warrant can face criminal charges. People serving on a jury in any state (not just Florida) are required by law to maintain Dixie County public arrest records. They must also produce their original arrest records when asked to testify in court.

Warrant Records in Dixie County are maintained by the county sheriff. He or she maintains these records at the end of the year for each jurisdiction. For example, if a person was arrested for selling drugs in Pinellas County and he goes to trial in Orlando, then he will have his records logged at the Pinellas County Jail where they are stored until the trial is over. If the trial is concluded and the person is convicted, then his records are then transferred to the Orlando courthouse for storage until the sentence is completed. If the sentence is not completed then the offender’s records go back to the Pinellas County Jail.

The most obvious use for the criminal activity warrant records in Dixie County is to track down someone who has illegally lived in the county. In many instances this can be accomplished simply by asking the neighbor or talk with the person directly. However, some people hide their identity behind various aliases and may not tell anyone they live in Dixie County or that they are living there. In such cases, a background check would be useful. Many states offer free background checks.

Criminal records are available from the county courthouse but to get an exact copy you will have to fill out an application. Some of the information required will be a person’s social security number, date of birth, drivers license number and a few other pieces of personal information. If you think the person you are investigating may have a record in another state then you will also need that person’s date of birth and state license number.

You will also have to give the name of the person and the case number if you know it. The person you are looking for will be notified of the information you submit via email or phone call. The information will be sent to them within 24 hours. Because of the quick turnaround time and the limited information provided, this method is not advisable for running a full background check on a person.

You can conduct an online search to obtain public records on a person. You do need to make sure that the site you choose is properly licensed to provide the information you need and it is not a scam. There are many good, reputable sites out there that provide this information. Before you pay for anything make sure you read the fine print. You should also be aware of the limitations of access to public records.