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(180)Sutter County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
California Highway Patrol - Yuba-Sutter Area1619 Poole BoulevardYubaCA95993530-674-5141
Sutter County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Sutter County Probation Department595 Boyd StreetYubaCA95991530-822-7320
Sutter County Sheriffs Department / Sutter County Jail1077 Civic Center BoulevardYubaCA95993530-822-7307
Yuba City Police Department1545 Poole BoulevardYubaCA95993530-822-4660
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Warrant Records Search

In Sutter County, California, Warrant Records are used to determine if a person is guilty of a crime. These records contain all warrants or court orders that have been issued against a person. If you are a landlord or property manager, you may be required to search your property for warrant records of your tenants. This is necessary, especially if you want to check on the criminal backgrounds of your potential tenants.

You can search for these records at the local police department or county courthouse. The Sutter County Records Department does not maintain these records online. Warrant records are filed with the court and then the name of the person or the crime will be indicated in the “warrant record form.” Searching the police department or county courthouse online will provide you with the correct forms. The forms are available online for free.

There is no cost for conducting a search. However, there is a minimal fee for getting access to more detailed records or to perform an electronic search. If you are only searching for one person’s criminal background, the minimal fee will suffice. However, if you are searching for multiple people’s records then an electronic search is recommended. In this case, the fees are much cheaper.

The Sutter County Records can tell you if the person you are searching for has any outstanding warrants out for their arrest. This will tell you whether or not they have been arrested and convicted of a crime. It will also tell you any arrests that have been made for violation of any type of license. If the person you are looking for has ever been convicted of a felony, records of this conviction will also be provided.

It is possible to learn a persons complete history by simply asking them to fill out a application for a background check. In many cases, this can be done without having to pay for the information. Information from the application can tell you if there are any financial problems that may hinder a person’s ability to pay, any outstanding tickets the person has accumulated, or any other information the person may have omitted. It is also possible to learn a persons complete criminal background history by using a national database that maintains background information on millions of individuals. These background reports can help you learn about the character of someone without having to spend the money to get this information. Performing a free background check can be very helpful.

As mentioned earlier, warrant records are not publicly available. Only a select few government agencies are allowed to access these documents. You can learn more about a person’s warrant records by visiting the courthouses in your area. In some cases, you will not be allowed to personally see the document, but you will still be able to obtain a copy through the courthouse’s website.