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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(121)Mono County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mono County Probation Department57 Bryant StreetBridgeportCA93517760-932-5570
Mono County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Mono County Sheriffs Department / Mono County Jail100 Bryant StreetBridgeportCA93517760-932-7549
California Highway Patrol - Bridgeport Area 820125 Main StreetBridgeportCA93517760-932-7995
Mammoth Lakes Police Department568 Old Mammoth RoadMammoth LakesCA93546760-934-2011
Orange County Sheriff's Office49 Bryant StreetBridgeportCA93517760-932-7549
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Warrant Records Can Reveal Criminal Background Information

Warrant Records in Mono County California are public information that reveal the identity of a person who is suspected of committing or has been accused of a crime. In some instances, the person may be innocent but the police can make the decision to file a report with the state government to obtain arrest warrants for their arrest. This is an important document for any individual to have especially if they have contact with this person or know about their history. You should have a copy of this record to prove your innocence to anyone who may question you.

If you are in need of legal advice, it is important that you verify warrants before you discuss them with a lawyer. Even if you are not in need of legal representation, you are still required to have a copy of the warrant because it may be required to use force to arrest the person. The Warrant will identify the person, the crime they were arrested for and the location at which the arrest took place. It is also important to note that warrant records will contain much more detailed information than an arrest warrant.

Warrant records can be obtained from the Mono County Records Office. These copies are available for a small fee and are far more detailed than a simple arrest warrant. You will have access to the person’s personal background, including any traffic violations, any felonies, other lawsuits against the person, marriage records and any sex offenses. You will be able to learn about any outstanding warrants, as well as date and time of issue and expiration of each one. This information can be very useful when hiring a new nanny or babysitter.

If you are an employer, such as a daycare provider, you will want to know what criminal background check would uncover about the person you plan to hire. There are two types of checks you can run when conducting a background check. One type provides information about a person’s criminal history while the other only shows criminal activity. A comprehensive criminal background check can include arrests, charges, convictions and jail time. When determining if a person is qualified for a position with your company, you need to make sure that they would not be inclined to cause harm to others.

Any public records database contains millions of records on nearly every person in the country. However, a background check will not return records that are sealed or expunged. Records sealed by court order are not considered public record. Therefore, these types of records cannot be accessed by the general public.

If you are an employer and you are interested in checking the criminal background history of a prospective employee or potential employee, a public records search may not be the best place to conduct this search. Instead, you should contact your local courthouse to find out if a warrant has been issued for the person’s arrest. It is possible that you will not be told if a warrant was issued because many states only release this information to law enforcement officials and specific agencies such as the FBI. You may be able to learn if a person’s warrant has been revoked. If a person is being investigated for a felony, you can find out if their warrant status by calling the local law enforcement agency.