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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(112)Lassen County Police Departments
Lassen County Adult Detention Facility1405 Sheriff Cady LaneSusanvilleCA96130530-251-5245
Lassen County Police Departments
California Correctional Center711-45 Center RoadSusanvilleCA96127530-257-2181
California Highway Patrol - Susanville472-400 Diamond Crest RoadSusanvilleCA96130530-257-2191
Herlong Police Department74 Currant StreetHerlongCA96113530-827-4345
High Desert State Prison475-750 Rice Canyon RoadSusanvilleCA96130530-251-5100
Susanville Police Department1801 Main StreetSusanvilleCA96130530-257-5603
Lassen County Sheriff Departments
Lassen County Sheriff's Office221 South Roop StreetSusanvilleCA96130530-251-8333
Lassen County Sheriffs Department1415 Sheriff Cady LaneSusanvilleCA96130530-257-6121
Lassen County Probation Department
Lassen County Probation Department107 South Roop StreetSusanvilleCA96130530-251-8212
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Searching For Criminal Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Lassen County California are basically the same as they are elsewhere in the State. It is a public record that contains the name, age, sex, and any other information associated with the person who was arrested, or has been arrested, for the commission of a criminal offense. Warrant Records are used by law enforcement agencies to aid them in finding people involved in criminal activity, such as missing persons, and fugitives. These records will usually be public and you can generally gain access to them for free.

In many cases involving criminal activity, an individual will have one of these records filed away in the area where the crime occurred. In other cases, a person will have one filed away in the state in which they live. There are many reasons why someone would want to have this information and there are a few different reasons as well.

One of the most common reasons is that employers use the records to screen their potential employees. They want to know that the person they are considering hiring has not been convicted of breaking any laws or engaged in criminal behavior. Likewise, landlords will check to make sure that the person they are thinking of renting from has not been an ex-convict and evicted from a home before. Probate courts will also occasionally require background checks. If a person has been convicted of a crime, and their records have been sealed, then a probate court may still have the records.

You can do an online search to see if you can find any criminal records on a person. You’ll probably need to provide some information about the person. You’ll likely be asked for his or her social security number as well as some information about the crime he or she may have been charged with. Some searches can even turn up information about previous addresses. This may help you find a person who has moved into a new neighborhood. If you live in a small rural area, it’s sometimes difficult to find the latest criminal activity in the area.

If you need to search for criminal warrant records, you’ll probably need to contact the sheriff’s department. You can generally get this information online. However, you may find that it may take some time before you get the records. You can go to the court house where the crime happened, but many counties now keep their records in digital form instead of paper. This means you may wait for weeks before you get the information you want. However, if you know what jurisdiction you’re looking at, this waiting period can be much less than it used to be.

You should have a thorough explanation of why you are searching the records. Even if you are just trying to determine if someone is innocent, it’s usually not wise to conduct a criminal record search without first knowing the reason. If you have any reason to suspect that the person you are checking on has some kind of criminal history, then you should be prepared to spend some time finding out everything you can about that person. Warrant records allow you to investigate a person without them knowing. If you conduct the proper search, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your family from dangerous people.

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