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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(444)Van Buren County Police Departments
Clinton Police Department274 U.S. 65 BusinessClintonAR72031501-745-4997
Van Buren County Police Departments
Damascus Police Department5 S Broadway StDamascusAR72039501-335-7321
Fairfield Bay Police Department501 Dave Creek ParkwayFairfield BayAR72088501-884-6005
Fairfield Bay Police Department101 Little Rock DriveFairfield BayAR72088501-884-6005
Van Buren County Sheriff Department
Van Buren County Sheriffs Office184 Detention DriveClintonAR72031501-745-2112
Van Buren County Probation Department
Van Buren County Probation Department574 Main StreetClintonAR72031501-745-2937
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Performing a Criminal Background Search Online

Warrant Records are one of the most critical pieces of public record that are kept in the different counties and municipalities in the state of Arkansas. All felony arrests, all misdemeanor arrest, all warrant information, and even convictions can be found in this category. The term “warrant” means a legal right granted by the state or federal government. This right can be implied or explicitly stated. Warrants are used to search people or property for specified purposes like investigating crimes, protecting the territory, apprehending fugitives, and many others.

Warrant Records in Van Buren County are maintained electronically. They are searched by the Arkansas State Police, other law enforcement agencies, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Warrant searches are performed through the judicial system for violations of Arkansas law, as well as federal violations of federal law. The data is processed quickly and is often available within a few hours. Warrant searches can also be executed through the internet on the Federal Fugitives Search, Federal Criminal History Background Check, and National Sex Offender Registry.

In the state of Arkansas, warrants can only be searched by police officers and other specified persons authorized by the State to do such searches. Warrant information can also be provided to employers, when they need to verify information about an applicant. Warrant information is considered public information because it is filed in the State and is made available to anyone who needs it. When a person is convicted of a felony, their conviction warrant is considered as public record. There are various reasons that people need to conduct a criminal background check; an employment background check is among the most common.

Warrant records are used in many situations where a person’s innocence is in question. If a person is suspected of committing a crime, and there is insufficient evidence to show that the person is guilty, a court may issue a bench warrant for the person. If the person does not appear at the court date scheduled, the warrant will be carried out. These warrants can contain very serious charges that carry long jail sentences if not enforced.

Warrant records also reveal information about a person’s family history. They can tell a lot about a person’s character and how they have lived their life. Many times, a person will be arrested for a crime that they did not commit, but the person’s name will appear on the police blotters as a result of an erroneous arrest. This can cause damage to a person’s reputation. If a person has a warrant issued against them for some reason other than a criminal act, it can prevent them from gaining certain jobs or other opportunities due to appearing in the system.

There are several different ways to search a person’s criminal background, including the Internet. You can use the police department’s website to conduct a criminal background check, but the results are limited. If you wish to see a more detailed report about a person’s records, you will need to visit a background record database. There are many websites that allow you to access these records for a small fee. Once you have the records you need, you can then run a people search on any name that you’re investigating.