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Scott County Sheriff380 Featherston StreetWaldronAR72958479-637-4155
Scott County Sheriffs Office100 West 1st StreetWaldronAR72958479-637-4155
Waldron Police Department323 Washington StreetWaldronAR72958479-637-3103
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Accessing Criminal Records – Warrant Records

Within the jurisdiction of the Arkansas State Troopers, warrants for arrests are maintained. In other words, all warrants that have been granted, made or authorized by any state officer are kept by the Troopers. These warrants are generally referred to as Indictments, Warrants or Search Warrants. The most common documents are arrest warrants, but there are warrants for several other specified violations. Any person arrested for a specified crime, without proper identification and probable cause to arrest, shall be produced to a Warrant Court, which is located within the territorial jurisdiction of the State of Arkansas.

Arrest warrants are obtained through a process that begins when an individual is arrested. arrest warrant applications are then filed with the circuit court. If you wish to apply for a warrant, you should personally identify yourself to the clerk at the clerk’s office. You will also need your Social Security number, date of birth, name and address (if available). This information is cross-checked with the fingerprint database to ensure accuracy.

Warrant records are public record documents, available to the public. Anyone can search for and find criminal records about an individual or just about anyone else. There are several reasons for searching for these records. You may wish to check up on an babysitter who you feel has not been good enough watch your children. Or maybe you want to check up on a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

To conduct a criminal background search, one simple way is to use a search engine like Google or yahoo. Enter all the information you have and hit the search button. You may be surprised at the quantity of information that is returned. These documents include arrest warrants, criminal court records, marriage certificates, divorce records, jail records and many other information.

Another option is to contact your local law enforcement agency. They may have their own public record database. If they do not, you may be able to pay a visit to the courthouse and request this information. The only drawback is that these searches can take some time. It also depends on whether your local jurisdiction has electronic databases.

If you are not sure if the person you want to search for a criminal history has a warrant, you should call the local sheriff’s department. They will be able to tell you if there is a warrant out for the person’s arrest. If they do not know, then you can go online to request one. You should be prepared to pay a small fee for this type of criminal record search, so it is important to find a company that you can trust.