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(310)Lafayette County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Lafayette County Probation Department110 East 4th StreetLewisvilleAR71845870-921-5301
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Lafayette County Sheriffs Office5 Courthouse SquareLewisvilleAR71845870-921-4252
Bradley Police Department410 Pullman StreetBradleyAR71826870-894-3377
Lewisville Police Department330 West 1st StreetLewisvilleAR71845870-921-4300
Stamps Police Department207 East Antigo StreetStampsAR71860870-533-4951
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Lafayette County Arkansas are one of the most sought after public records. In fact, there is a great demand for these records as there are many instances where people are stopped and questioned simply based on their driving records. These records also give you a hint into the character and behavior of the person that is being questioned. So if you are required to undergo a background check, knowing about these records will help you out. You can use this information to show the courts that you have full confidence in allowing them to take you into custody. Here are some of the reasons why you need these records.

Before a person can get married, he/she needs to show proof of his/her identity. Therefore, to see a person’s true identity you need to have his/her records in hand. If you suspect that a person is married and the marriage certificate is not with the records then you can do a search on the person’s own name. Also, you can search the person’s date of birth and social security numbers to verify that he/she is who he claims to be. This is needed especially if you want to serve legal papers like filing for a divorce, seeking a correction to your credit record, or establishing paternity.

Searching court records is also very important in that it allows you to dig up the background of a person. If you are involved in an accident and the other party says that you caused the accident, then you can use these records to show that the other person is lying. If you are getting a divorce or getting a new lease on life and you suspect that your spouse is having an affair then you can use this information to prove that he/she is having an affair. The information can also be used if you want to hire someone for a domestic help.

A divorce is final and there is no chance for any amends unless the person’s word is still fresh in your mind. If there is no divorce record then you can have the person stay away from you forever because his word will be void. That’s why it is always safer to check out a person’s past especially if there are children involved. Check out the person’s word for some proof that he/she is still committed to you and the relationship. This is your best bet if you are thinking of filing for a divorce and you think that your spouse is having an affair.

There are warrant records that show if a person has been convicted of some crime. If you have a co-worker or someone you know who has been accused of doing some bad acts such as theft or murder, then you can get the person’s criminal records from the court. This is necessary especially if the person has just been arrested because there might be some more charges that need to be filed. This is the best way to protect yourself and your family. Warrant records will give you the details on the person’s criminal activities and arrest record.

However, there are some warrant records that you need to be concerned about. Warrant warrants are issued by the judge based on the reasons stated in the warrant. So if you are not sure whether the person really has an outstanding warrant for his arrest, then you should not allow him/her to enter or stay with you. It is not safe at all to be in the presence of any person whose warrant has been set for his arrest. Therefore, it is important that you check out the person’s warrant records first before you allow him/her to stay with you.