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What Are Warrant Records?

If a person has been convicted of a crime, such as murder, the person’s record is kept in a separate department by the state government, generally by the circuit court. This means that warrants for arrests and searches are kept separately from other court records. While these records have to be maintained by the government, they are often easier to obtain than the other types of criminal history information. In most cases, you will need a Search Engine, such as Google or Yahoo to conduct an Online Warrant Records Search.

The typical warrant record will show that there is a pending arrest warrant for the person. It will also show other information such as probable cause that the person committed the crime was committed in the county where the person lives. When a warrant is issued, the warrant will state that there is a specific time frame that the warrant is effective. Therefore, it will give police officials enough time to make an arrest and either turn the suspect over to the police station or make the arrest without using unnecessary intrusion into the suspect’s life.

Warrant records also show the address, current residence and work location of the person who has been arrested. In many instances, these records also contain other information not shown on the warrant, such as a background check or national identity. For example, if the person who is accused of a crime owns a credit card, a copy of the record will show that person’s credit history. If the person’s address changes, there may be a warrant for that person’s arrest because his address information has changed.

Criminal activity such as DUI and DWI arrests will stay on the person’s criminal records for up to seven years. If a warrant is issued for that person, a copy of the warrant will be provided to the police department for identification. At that time, it is the responsibility of the police to either drop the charges or stop the person. Failure to do so will result in a search of the person’s name, which could potentially expose criminal activity from that period in their life. This type of criminal activity will be reported to the FBI, and it is possible that the person’s name may be listed in their criminal history.

Warrant records are different from arrest records, because the first version does not reveal any criminal activity. The records provide information about the person’s previous conviction, if they have been convicted of a crime. However, this information is not used by law enforcement to identify someone as a repeat offender. This only happens if the person’s record is expunged. If the person was arrested once, and has no other criminal activity on their record, then their conviction will remain on the record.

Warrant records are available to employers and law enforcement agencies. People who wish to obtain this type of information must request it through the local courthouse, which can require a formal written request or an online submission. The period of time for obtaining this record is dictated by the state, but most allow up to six months.