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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(278)Crittenden County Police Departments
Crittenden County Drug Task Force350 Afco RoadMarionAR72364870-702-2010
Crittenden County Police Departments
Arkansas Highway Police - Bridgeport StationBridgeport DriveWest MemphisAR72301870-735-1162
Arkansas Highway Police - Riverside StationInterstate 40West MemphisAR72301870-735-4448
Earle Police Department1004 2nd StreetEarleAR72331870-792-8909
Edmondson Police Department61 WaterfordEdmondsonAR72332870-733-9430
Gilmore Police Department97 FrontTurrellAR72384870-343-2697
Jericho Police Department31 Wallace RoadCrawfordsvilleAR72327870-739-4918
Marion Police Department14 East Military RoadMarionAR72364870-739-2101
Sunset Police Department300 John H Johnson BoulevardMarionAR72364870-739-3233
Turrell Police Department160 Eureka StreetTurrellAR72384870-343-8621
West Memphis Police Department626 East Broadway BoulevardWest MemphisAR72301870-732-7555
Crittenden County Sheriff Department
Crittenden County Sheriffs Office350 Afco RoadMarionAR72364870-702-2010
Crittenden County FBI Offices
West Memphis Arkansas FBI Office310 East Service RoadWest MemphisAR72301870-735-4633
West Memphis Arkansas FBI Office310 mid continent PlazaWest MemphisAR72301870-735-4633
Crittenden County Probation Department
Crittenden County Probation Department250 Shoppingway BoulevardWest MemphisAR72301870-735-4486
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Accessing Criminal Records

Warrant Records in Crittenden County, Arkansas can tell you a lot about an individual. While there are public arrest records and criminal history documents that you can access for free, there are some things that are only available to law enforcement officials. The warrants that are filed against a person are one of those things. There are different classifications of warrants as well.

A general warrant is one that doesn’t have a specific reason behind it. They are filed by local law enforcement for things such as failure to appear in court. They will also be filed if the person fails to pay child support or another type of debt. There are a number of reasons that a warrant may be issued. If they are not cleared by court, then they are referred to as an un-detailed warrant.

When a person is arrested, their arrest records are considered part of the arrest records. These will have information about the arrest, the crime that was committed and the identity of the person that was arrested. You will need to contact the police department where the arrest took place to find out more information on an outstanding warrant. If you know the address of the person that was arrested, you can go to the jail records and search for the warrant that was filed against them. You can also check with the courts that issued the warrant. All of this information should be researched and obtained before you look at someone’s warrant record.

A detailed warrant is one that is especially written. It will have a detailed description of what was done, the crime that was committed and the identity of the person that was accused of the crime. There are different classifications for warrants as well, and knowing them is important in determining if someone is wanted on a warrant or not.

When you want to access someone’s warrant records, you should go to the local sheriff’s office. At this time, you will need to provide some personal information about the person in question. Some people are asked to show proof of residency while others need only name and birth date. There are other records that will require you to supply certain information. You should also know their current address and work history. All of this information will help determine whether or not they should be released from their bond or held in jail until their trial.

Warrant records are important documents for a wide variety of reasons. Whether you are just confirming a arrest or you are looking into someone’s background, checking into an individual’s warrant can give you peace of mind. If you have reason to believe that a person has been arrested for a crime and you want to make sure that they have a warrant, you can turn to their arrest records and see what is there. These records will tell you exactly what you need to know.