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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(251)Conway County Police Departments
Menifee Police Department68 North MustangMenifeeAR72107501-354-6598
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Morrilton Police Department212 North Moose StreetMorriltonAR72110501-354-0131
Oppelo Police Department8 Municipal DriveOppeloAR72110501-354-2454
Plumerville Police Department101 West Church StreetPlumervilleAR72127501-354-6400
Conway County Sheriff Department
Conway County Sheriffs Office1823 Arkansas 113MorriltonAR72110501-354-2411
Conway County Probation Department
Conway County Probation Department601 South Moose StreetMorriltonAR72110501-354-2164
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What Can Warrant Records Tell Me?

What are warrants? A warrant is a court order allowing a law enforcement officer to arrest, detain or search a person for a specified crime. Contrary to what many may believe a warrant is not only issued by a judge but may also be applied for and executed by a police officer! Warrant records can give an individual the information they need to avoid trouble themselves if there has been a warrant issued against them. If you do not know what a warrant is or what it means you could end up in jail for something you did not do!

You should always ask if there is a warrant out for your arrest. If you are caught without knowing the truth you may be penalized severely and found guilty of the crime. There are two main reasons a person may get a warrant. The first reason is to prevent the person from contacting other people. If this is happening to you then you should know that you cannot contact other people under any circumstances unless you tell them you are not being prosecuted.

The second reason for a warrant is if the person is wanted on a warrant for a crime they have committed. The police will only let the person go if they show the proper identification. You can’t carry around fake identification with you if you have a warrant out for your arrest. Warrant searches can be done at the police station or at the courthouse. They are usually quick and easy to do!

You should know that if you are being investigated for a crime you must tell the police right away. Doing so would help them get more information about the person involved. If you are questioned regarding a crime while you are at home you don’t have to tell anyone. This could affect your case in a bad way. It is better to let someone know that you are not being prosecuted for the crime.

Warrant records in Conway County Arkansas can include anything from a minor traffic ticket to something like assault. You should be aware of this so that you can find out what you need to know about an arrest. If you have been threatened or your privacy rights were violated in anyway, you have a right to know. These warrants also show up if you are suspected of crimes involving the illegal handling of a weapon. If you are just thinking about buying a house, then you have to know what kind of crime you are dealing with before you sign any papers.

Warrant records in Conway County can tell you if you have been accused of a crime, but they can also tell you about other things that could be related to the person that has a warrant out for their arrest. You should find out if they have had previous arrests for anything like theft, assault, or something else. This can help you figure out if the person you want to hire has a good or bad record. It is always better to hire a person who has no record of any type than to risk hiring someone with a record.