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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(250)Columbia County Police Departments
Magnolia Housing Authority100 Meadowbrook LaneMagnoliaAR71753870-234-5540
Columbia County Police Departments
Magnolia Police Department206 North JacksonMagnoliaAR71753870-234-5655
Southern Arkansas University Police Department100 East University StreetMagnoliaAR71753870-235-4100
Taylor Police Department101 West Pope StreetTaylorAR71861870-694-2051
Waldo Police Department308 East MainWaldoAR71770870-693-5315
Columbia County Sheriff Departments
Columbia County Detention Center / Columbia County Sheriffs82 Columbia Road 300MagnoliaAR71753870-234-5331
Columbia County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 576MagnoliaAR71754870-234-5331
Columbia County Probation Department
Columbia County Probation Department222 South Pine StreetMagnoliaAR71753870-234-6016
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How Can I Find Out If Someone Has a Warrant Out For Their Arrest? Warrant Records Are Easy to Look Up!

Warrant Records in Columbia County, Arkansas are maintained by the courthouse in each county where the person whose name is registered has been tried and convicted for a crime. These records are considered part of the public domain, so anyone can obtain them through a simple court order. If you are looking to search for records about a person’s arrest or conviction history, you will first need to find the courthouse where the case was filed. This information can be found on the courthouse’s website or by contacting the circuit clerk.

There are a number of reasons why someone may want to look up a person’s name. It could be that they are suspicious of a person they know using their name. Another reason may be that they have a reason to believe that a person may be guilty of a crime. They may want to check up on the person’s background and see if they have a record. By searching for the person’s name in one of the courthouse records databases, all of the information you are looking for can be quickly and easily obtained.

The main goal of these warrant records databases is to help the public. People who are innocent and unaware that their name has been registered as a warrant. It can give peace of mind to businesses and parents who are wondering if they should allow a person with a clean record to babysit their children. It can also give peace of mind to spouses who are dating someone who has a past history of violence. It is even possible to contact neighbors and loved ones to let them know if they see any activity on the person’s home. This could help prevent a break-in or other illegal activities.

For the most part, these background records are easy to access and understand. Most public information websites allow you to search a person’s name and see their offense for a certain period of time. They will tell you how many times the person has been convicted of the crime, if it is a minor or major crime. This could help you decide whether the person poses a risk to you or your family.

Warrant records are maintained by different law enforcement agencies. Some are even responsible for sending out notifications when the person has been arrested for an unrelated offense. You should take care not to falsely believe that a person has been convicted of a crime. Many times, people have been incorrectly accused and have charges which weren’t actually true. A good online database will provide accurate information but do not publish all information for reasons of confidentiality. Some of the information they will publish is the person’s date of birth and social security number for identification purposes.

You should contact the law enforcement agency where the person lives if you are interested in one of these records. They will either be able to provide you with the information you need on the website or can give you a phone number to call. This is a much more convenient way to find out this type of personal information than attempting to search the records yourself. You can also be sure that you are using a reputable site by checking with the Better Business Bureau before using their services.