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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(247)Clay County Police Departments
Corning Police Department408 West Main StreetCorningAR72422870-857-3311
Clay County Police Departments
Corning Police Department308 West Main StreetCorningAR72422870-857-3311
Piggott Police Department194 West Court StreetPiggottAR72454870-598-2295
Rector Police Department407 South Stewart StreetRectorAR72461870-595-2423
Clay County Sheriff Departments
Clay County Sheriff's Office151 South 2nd AvenuePiggottAR72454870-598-2266
Clay County Sheriffs Department800 Southwest 2nd StreetCorningAR72422870-857-6752
Clay County Sheriffs Office268 South 2nd AvenuePiggottAR72454870-598-2270
Clay County Probation Department
Clay County Probation Department437 Southwest 2nd StreetCorningAR72422870-857-5031
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What is a Warrant Search?

Warrant Records in Clay County, Arkansas are available to the public for viewing by anyone who has an interest in such matters. All arrests are logged into this system whether or not there is a formal arrest warrant out for your arrest. These records also show other information about the person arrested as well as what jurisdiction was involved. There are many reasons that one may want to look into this type of information. If you are an employer hiring a new employee you may want to make sure that you do background checks on all of the people that you interview. Searches like these are becoming more common on a daily basis as it is important to know who we are hiring before we give them our money.

Searches like these are not limited to employers, they can be used by anyone who has any reason to be interested in the activities of another person. This includes private investigators, bounty hunters, child minders, anyone involved with criminal activity or any other group of individuals who might be considered suspicious. Some of these searches also show the court cases that a person has been involved in and how the case was resolved. Having this information available to you can save you a lot of time and headache if you are involved in some type of criminal activity yourself.

Warrant Records in Clay County, Arkansas can also be useful to neighbors and law enforcement officials if they need to do an investigation of someone. In some states an individual does not have to have a criminal record to be able to have a search. Arkansas actually requires that if you wish to conduct a criminal record search on another person that you first obtain their permission. Many times when you are searching for this type of information you will find that some records are only available to those who are named in the documents. Therefore if you are involved in any criminal activity, this could mean that you are not going to get full access to the information you are searching for.

In order to gain access to the information you would like to check you will need to have the person’s consent. Many times when people are involved in criminal activity or civil litigation they will assert their rights against you and this can make it difficult for you to get records on them. However, other states do not allow a person to withhold their own records and you will be able to get criminal information on anyone in the United States if you are a law enforcement officer. This includes state, county and federal records. This means if you are involved in any criminal activity at the state level you will have access to these records.

The records will contain any arrests or detainments that have been made, any convictions as well as any jail time that a person has served. If a person is being investigated for any type of crime you may want to search for this information yourself to see what kind of record you have. In many cases having this information will help you determine whether or not to continue to interact with a person. For example if you are thinking of hiring a new nanny to take care of your children you might want to have a background check conducted on that person to make sure that they are safe to leave alone with your kids.

There are many reasons that people will want to obtain criminal records and warrants. You will find that when you are searching online you can have access to these records and this information quickly. If you need this information right now you may want to speak with a court official so that you can obtain the information you need in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.