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(220)Calhoun County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Calhoun County Sheriffs Office449 South 9th StreetHamptonAR71744870-798-2323
Calhoun County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Hampton Police Department121 North 2nd StreetHamptonAR71744870-798-4610
Southern Arkansas University Tech Police Department100 Carr Road, Business BuildingCamdenAR71701870-574-4517
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How to Search For Warrants Online

Warrant Records in Calhoun County, Arkansas are maintained by the sheriffs office and are available for public scrutiny. In cases of arrests for warrants of arrests, violations, or judgments, they can be produced. All warrants must be filed with the circuit court within twenty-one days of the arrest. They are then serve with a federal warrant to be served personally or by first class mail. Warrant records are available online, in local newspapers, and at any police station near you.

Warrant Records in Calhoun County contain: the person’s name, current address, date and place of birth, social security number, criminal history if any, maiden name if any, and other personal information about the person. They also show if the person has ever been convicted of a crime and where the crime occurred. They will also tell you if the person has ever been convicted of domestic violence, sexual crimes, theft, fraud, or any other offenses. If there is a current outstanding warrant out for their arrest, this will also be included.

What does a warrant mean? Wristwatch is not the only way to tell if someone has a warrant out for their arrest. If a person fails to show up for their court date, their warrant will be found out by the courts. Failure to find a person’s warrant will result in their arrest warrant being issued. Another way is to ask a friend or relative if they know where they warrant is. Searching the county courthouse website can also tell you if the person you want to search has a warrant.

Arrest warrants are also very useful for employers. By searching a person’s background, you can find out their criminal history, their past employments, and also any traffic accidents they have been involved in. You can learn a persons complete past history when you conduct an online background check. This information can give you peace of mind and allow you to hire a person with a clean record.

To find out a person’s warrant record, you must contact the local courthouse. There are usually forms that need to be filled out for the person you want to search. These records are confidential and not supposed to be released to the public. You can pay a small fee to get access to these warrant records.

Do not assume that just because you know the person well that you can trust the information you find. It’s important to make sure that you are making a sound decision. Criminal records are considered to be public records. However, they are not a guarantee that the information is accurate.