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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(84)North Slope Borough Police Departments
Alaska State Troopers - North Slope1265 Agvik StreetBarrowAK99723907-852-2440
North Slope Borough Police Departments
North Slope Borough Police Department - Anaktuvuk Pass205 Airport StreetAnaktuvuk PassAK99721907-661-3911
North Slope Borough Police Department - Atqasuk902 Tikigluk StreetAtqasukAK99791907-633-6911
North Slope Borough Police Department - Kaktovik413 4th Street SouthKaktovikAK99747907-640-6911
North Slope Borough Police Department - Point Lay226 Qigalik AvenuePoint LayAK99759907-833-2911
North Slope Borough Police Department - Prudhoe BayDrill Site 12 RoadPrudhoe BayAK99734907-659-2515
North Slope Borough Police Department / North Slope Borough Correctional Center1068 Kiogak StreetBarrowAK99723907-852-0311
Wainwright Police Department1239 Airport RoadWainwrightAK99782907-763-2911
North Slope Borough Sheriff Department
North Slope Borough Sheriff's OfficePO Box 21030Anaktuvuk PassAK99721907-661-3612
North Slope Borough Probation Departments
North Slope Borough Probation Department1250 Agvik StreetBarrowAK99723907-852-8700
Southeast Fairbanks County Probation Department1250 Agvik StreetBarrowAK99723907-852-8700
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Search For Criminal History Records – What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in North Slope Borough Alaska are kept by the local police and the National Crime Information Center (NCIIC). The warrants were initially created when the US government required each state to keep a record of all warrants that were issued within their jurisdiction. They were then put into a national database system. Today, it is easy to search through these records to see if you or anyone else has been accused of a crime. You can also look up addresses or even do a free background check.

Warrant records are considered public information in most states and can be freely accessed. In the state of Alaska, they can only be searched if you have a valid reason to do so. While there is no legislation currently in place that forces the issue, many cities and towns have made it mandatory that you get a warrant before doing a background check on someone. This could be due to privacy concerns, the need to protect the suspect or potential suspect from repeat crimes, preventing the escape of a dangerous person or preventing the issuance of a false arrest warrant.

Criminal records are available from all levels of law enforcement. If you want to perform an online criminal background check, there are several companies that specialize in this service. You can perform a warrant records request through the courthouse in your area or request them directly through the internet. Most companies will allow you to perform the search in person or online immediately after payment of a nominal fee.

When looking for criminal records, it is important to remember that some records may not always be accurate or up to date. For example, a misdemeanor arrest will only show as an active arrest warrant if it is actively being carried out at the time. There may be an outstanding arrest warrant for the same individual that has never been arrested. Therefore, if you want to search for records of an individual, you will probably have to dig deeper and perform a more comprehensive search.

Warrant records are considered part of the public domain and are freely accessible online. However, because they are considered public records, any third party has access to them and can disclose them to other parties. This can include employers, law enforcement agencies, private investigators and the general public. Before disclosing a record to someone else, you should make sure that you have the person’s permission. Some people are unaware that they are entitled to a hearing to tell them that they would like to see their criminal records due to privacy concerns.

Many websites will allow you to search for warrant records but there are some that may not have complete information. Before using a website, you should look closely at their search criteria and make sure that they have everything you need. You also want to look at the turnaround time for their warrant records and accuracy. A good search should give you results and tell you whether or not they have the information that you need.

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