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Kodiak Island Borough Probation Department211 Mission RoadKodiakAK99615907-486-5785
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Kodiak Island Borough Sheriff's Office2160 Mill Bay RoadKodiakAK99615907-486-8000
Alaska State Troopers - Kodiak2921 Mill Bay RoadKodiakAK99615907-486-5810
Kodiak City Police Department2160 Mill Bay RoadKodiakAK99615907-486-8000
Kodiak Police Department217 Lower Mill Bay RoadKodiakAK99615907-486-8000
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The Basics of Searching For Criminal Warrant Records

Warrant Records are the official documents that state any person has been arrested and has been detained for suspicion of a crime. In Alaska, there is a system in place that allows law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, Alcoholic Beverage Division of the Revenue, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the National Crime Information Center to access these files to see if someone has violated any laws. The whole purpose behind having these records available to these agencies is to help them apprehend people who are potentially involved in criminal activities. The only problem is that not all states have these records available for inspection. If you are wondering why this is the case, there are a few reasons. Read on to find out more about them.

According to Alaska law, if you are suspected of a crime, you will need to get yourself a formal arrest warrant before authorities can pull you over. So, how do they pull you over without a warrant? You guessed it! They stick a secretarial note in your vehicle, requesting that you produce your driver’s license or some other legal documentation so that they can search your vehicle. If you are pulled over and you refuse to produce these documents, you can be taken into custody anyway because according to Alaska law, you are considered to be guilty until you can provide the requested evidence.

Warrant records are considered public information because they are filed with the state. However, because they are considered public records, anyone can request a copy of them. In order to get a copy, you must go through a court appointed clerk, who will then serve you with an official request for criminal records. This means that not only will your warrant appear in your local paper, but it will also appear on your national criminal record list as well. In other words, your record is now available to anyone, including law enforcement agencies, if you are accused of committing a crime. This can make obtaining your records a bit difficult, as they are supposed to be confidential.

There are a number of reasons that you may want to search for criminal warrant records. If you are suspicious of someone you just met at a party, and there is no evidence to back up their claims, you may wish to perform a criminal check to see if your intuition is right (or wrong). If you have hired a child care provider and suspect that they are not where they claim to be, there is a good chance that they may be running criminal activities from their home. It is also important to check up on babysitters and personal assistants, especially since they often have access to children. Of course, in the case of hiring a professional, this can be done in private.

Before you can search for public criminal records, however, you must first get permission from the person you wish to look up. Unless they give you a waiver, you cannot freely search for these records on anyone in the court system. Instead, you need to file a request for information, which is filed with the clerk’s office. They will investigate the request and then either grant or deny it.

The trick to getting these types of records is to know where to search. If you simply do a regular online search, you will be heavily limited by the amount of information you will receive. Fortunately, many times the information you will receive is quite comprehensive and may include exactly what you are looking for. If you are having a particularly difficult time obtaining court records for some reason, an experienced online search company may be able to bypass the local courthouse and obtain you the information you are searching for.

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