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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(78)Kenai Peninsula Borough Police Departments
Alaska Department Of Corrections - Spring Creek Correctional CenterNash RoadSewardAK99664907-224-8200
Kenai Peninsula Borough Police Departments
Alaska State Troopers - Anchor Point34115 Sterling HighwayAnchor PointAK99556907-235-8239
Alaska State Troopers - Cooper LandingBean Creek RoadCooper LandingAK99572907-595-3660
Alaska State Troopers - Ninilchik15763 Kingsley RoadNinilchikAK99639907-567-3660
Alaska State Troopers - Seward410 Adams StreetSewardAK99664907-224-3346
Alaska State Troopers - Soldotna46333 Kalifornsky Beach RoadSoldotnaAK99669907-262-4453
Homer Police Department4060 Heath StreetHomerAK99603907-235-3150
Kenai Police Department107 South Willow StreetKenaiAK99611907-283-7879
Seldovia Police Department264 Lipke LaneSeldoviaAK99663907-234-7640
Seward Police Department / Seward Community Jail410 Adams StreetSewardAK99664907-224-3338
Soldotna Police Department44510 Sterling HighwaySoldotnaAK99669907-262-4455
Kenai Peninsula Borough Probation Departments
Kenai Peninsula Borough Probation Department120 Trading Bay RoadKenaiAK99611907-283-3125
Aleutians West County Probation Department120 Trading Bay RoadKenaiAK99611907-283-3125
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Accessing Warrant Records

Warrant records are used in many aspects of life. In the case of the Warrant Records in Kenai Peninsula Borough Alaska, the person who owns the warrant is entitled to find out who owns it by getting a copy from the courthouse. Warrant Records are considered public information and are available for public inspection. A copy can be requested from the courthouse and obtained at any time during office hours. These records also contain other personal information about the individual such as his address, his telephone number, social security number and much more.

The process of requesting a copy of a warrant can be done by mail, fax or in most cases, online. To request a record, an individual must fill out an application. The applicant should include his name and address, as well as any additional information that might be useful in finding the warrant. The clerk will check the application and if the information is verified, the records will be mailed to the applicant. In some instances, if certain information is missing, it may be enough to complete the request online. If so, one can expect up to 7 working days to obtain the desired records.

Warrant Records in Alaska are not limited to law enforcement officers. Anyone can access the records whenever they want, which makes them very useful for the general public. The records come in two versions; a record for actual cash value and a record with information on arrest. The first kind of record holds information pertaining to the person who has been accused of the crime, with regard to cash value. The second kind of record, the Arrest Warrant, holds information regarding the person who has been accused but no cash value was recovered.

In some jurisdictions, one can have a criminal record check performed without having to go through the trouble of requesting a criminal record first. The record checker simply needs the name of the person and the state or district in which he lives in order to get a full history of the person. Some of these online record check services do not require any extra information, and only need the name and state of residence of the person who has been accused in the warrant.

Warrant records are used extensively by law enforcement agencies around the world. By running a criminal record check, they can quickly identify people with outstanding warrants against their person. These people are immediately detained and placed under arrest for the stated offense. If one does not want to become a victim of such a crime, one should always make sure that one is not missing a warrant against his or her name.

Warrant records are important because, as they point out, “a man’s enemies are his friends”. One does not want his friends plotting against him in anticipation of doing a dirty deed in return for a favor. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of one’s surroundings and know whether he is surrounded by people who could be his friends or enemies. This is where having a search through the electronic database of a warrant records service will prove to be very useful. Even if one is just suspicious, one must run a search.