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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(340)Pickens County Police Departments
Pickensville Police Department16831 Alabama 14PickensvilleAL35447205-373-2068
Pickens County Police Departments
24th Judicial Drug Task Force304 1st Street NorthReformAL35481205-375-9741
Aliceville Police Department215 1st Street NortheastAlicevilleAL35442205-373-2517
Carrollton Police Department100 Court Square WestCarrolltonAL35447205-367-8711
Gordo Police Department313 North Main StreetGordoAL35466205-364-7111
Gordo Town Hall187 7th Street SouthwestGordoAL35466205-364-7111
Reform Police Department104 3rd Avenue SoutheastReformAL35481205-375-6363
Pickens County Sheriff Departments
Pickens County Sheriff's OfficePO Box 226CarrolltonAL35447205-367-2000
Pickens County Sheriffs Department188 Cemetery StreetCarrolltonAL35447205-367-2005
Pickens County Probation Department
Pickens County Probation Department10 Tuscaloosa StreetCarrolltonAL35447205-367-9779
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The Benefits of Doing Warrant Records Searches Online

Warrant Records in Pickens County, Alabama are basically public documents that contain the personal particulars of an individual. These records were originally filed in the courthouse where the crime was committed. However, as time passed and as more information became available, these records have been made available on the internet for anyone to access. All that is required from the applicant is proof of identity and residence within the vicinity of the time period stated on the application.

This simple process has helped law abiding citizens keep track of their neighbours and suspicious fellows. The catch lies in the fact that these documents are not considered admissible as evidence in court unless the person being searched is present at the time of processing. It is then necessary to have a valid reason for the search, which is admissible in court if the person being searched is actually present and admissible evidence is produced. In this case, a person can be arrested without any prior warning. It is the right of every citizen to check the background of any person living near or with them so that they can ensure that they are not involved in any criminal activity that they might not be aware of.

Warrant records in Pickens County can be accessed by a person directly through the offices of the courthouse or via the internet. Documents are stored electronically and are therefore available for downloading. This means that the person searching can obtain all the details of the person that is being sought for any reason. There is no physical paper trail that is required to be established to enable a search.

The first step to take when one suspects that a person may be involved in any criminal activity is to get in touch with the authorities. The records of the person in question can be obtained directly from the county sheriff or from the courts themselves. In cases of formal arrest, the Pickens County courthouse will typically maintain the person’s public arrest records. If an individual does not have these records available to them, they can find out what is held in Pickens County under the names of the person’s neighbors or friends. These are all good methods of obtaining the desired information on any person.

Warrant records can also be obtained online. Many websites are available that allow access to public arrest files. This information can be used to determine whether a person is wanted on warrants, or to see if a person has any other warrants out for their arrest. These websites generally charge a nominal fee for their services, however. Some companies are free, while others provide an inexpensive basic service for individuals who wish to conduct a simple background check. The cost can vary depending on the amount of detail needed.

Warrant records are helpful in a number of ways. For instance, if an individual needs to rent a vehicle, they can go to the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain a copy of a persons driving record. In many cases, this can be done for free because the government owns the website and the only money that has been spent is the time that it took to produce the document. Once a person finds out if they have a warrant out for their arrest, they can check to see if there is one registered against them.