Montgomery County Alabama Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Alabama Homeland Security2 North Jackson StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-353-0242
Alabama Public Service Commission100 North Union StreetMontgomeryAL36130334-353-7174
Alabama State Fire Marshal201 Monroe StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-241-4166
Alabama State House Of Representatives Security11 South Union StreetMontgomeryAL36130334-353-2100
Alabama State Senate Security Staff11 South Union StreetMontgomeryAL36130334-242-7835
Alabama State University Police914 Tullibody DriveMontgomeryAL36106334-229-4751
Faulkner University Police Department5345 Atlanta HighwayMontgomeryAL36109334-386-7250
Huntingdon College Security Department1500 East Fairview AvenueMontgomeryAL36106334-833-4463
Red Eagle Honor Farm1290 Red Eagle RoadMontgomeryAL36110334-242-2510
Montgomery County Sheriff Department
Montgomery County Sheriffs Department115 South Perry StreetMontgomeryAL36103334-832-4980
Montgomery County FBI Office
Montgomery Alabama FBI Office1 Commerce StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-263-1691
Montgomery County Probation Department
Montgomery County Probation Department350 Adams AvenueMontgomeryAL36104334-954-5431
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(338)Montgomery County Police Departments
Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board - Montgomery Office1064 Monticello ParkMontgomeryAL36117334-260-9702
Montgomery County Police Departments
Auburn University Montgomery Campus Police Department7430 East DriveMontgomeryAL36117334-271-2400
Department Of Public Safety Highway Patrol Post - Montgomery1708 Cong W L Dickinson DriveMontgomeryAL36109334-242-4128
Montgomery Airport Police Department4445 Selma HighwayHope HullAL36043334-281-9567
Montgomery Housing Authority252 South Lawrence StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-206-7131
Montgomery Police Department320 North Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-241-2810
Troy State Montgomery Campus Police231 Montgomery StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-241-9716
Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board - Enforcement Division-Dod2715 Gunter Park Drive WestMontgomeryAL36109334-213-6300
Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center770 Washington AvenueMontgomeryAL36104334-242-4900
Alabama Department Of Conservation And Natural Resources - Marine Police Division64 North Union StreetMontgomeryAL36130334-242-3673
Alabama Department Of Conservation And Natural Resources - State Parks Division64 North Union StreetMontgomeryAL36130334-242-3342
Alabama Department Of Conservation And Natural Resources - Wildlife And Fisheries64 North Union StreetMontgomeryAL36130334-242-3467
Alabama Department Of Public Safety301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-242-4371
Alabama Department Of Public Safety - Aviation Unit4631 Richardson RoadMontgomeryAL36108334-242-4055
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Bureau Of Investigation Division301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-353-1100
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Capitol Police Department301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-242-0700
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Drivers License Division301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-242-4400
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Executive Security Unit301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-353-1298
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Highway Patrol Division301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-242-4393
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Narcotics Operations Service301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-353-4400
Alabama Department Of Public Safety Service Division301 South Ripley StreetMontgomeryAL36104334-242-4387
Alabama Department Of Revenue Investigation Division - Inspection Unit1021 Madison AvenueMontgomeryAL36104334-242-3012
Alabama Department Of Revenue Special Investigations608 Madison AvenueMontgomeryAL36104334-242-3302
Alabama Forestry Commission513 Madison AvenueMontgomeryAL36104334-240-9329

The Importance of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Montgomery County, Alabama have been around for a long time. In fact, in 18 42, the first warrant of this nature was granted in this county. The first person to be appointed Sheriff in this area was John B. Curtis. He would use these warrants to ensure that his men were loyal to him. Because they had to swear an oath of office before being appointed sheriff, these records were used to ensure that people were not lying. It is still widely used today.

Warrant records are basically a legal document that certifies that a person has committed a crime. They are used to control the police in many ways. For example, if someone wants to hire a detective to find out information on a particular person, they will fill out an application with the judicial branch of the state and hand over a warrant for the person’s arrest. When the detective finds out that the warrant is active, they can then serve the arrest warrant.

Warrant records are basically divided into two categories: criminal and civil. A criminal record is one that you should not ignore. These records have information on every crime that the State of Alabama has jurisdiction over. Every felony and misdemeanor is reported separately so you will always know what you are dealing with.

Civil records deal with things like marriages, divorce, adoption, adoptions, property ownership, and more. These are all recorded by the courts as well as the head of state. If you are trying to find someones entire criminal records you should go to the courthouse where the crime happened and request them. This is very important, especially if the person you are checking out has a prior criminal record.

However, civil records can not be accessed without a person’s permission. To get access to these records, you will have to get a court order or you can ask for it at the station or county clerk of the county where the person lives. In order to get access to these records, you will need to fill out an application and give them all the correct information. You can also get an application online at many different sites. If the person you want records for has a social security number then you will probably need to pay for it in order to get the records, but this can still be easily avoided.

Warrant records are not something that you should ignore if you are doing any kind of background check on a person. If you are checking up on your date, you could easily find out if they are married and whether or not they have been divorced. If you are suspicious about your employee, you can use this method to see who they are talking to online or on land. It is not worth it to be without these records, because they will tell you a lot about a person.