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(305)Henry County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Henry County Sheriffs Department101 Kirkland StreetAbbevilleAL36310334-585-3131
Henry County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Abbeville Police Department101 East Washington StreetAbbevilleAL36310334-585-2222
Headland Police Department9 Park StreetHeadlandAL36345334-693-2222
Newville Police Department106 South Broad StreetNewvilleAL36353334-889-2222
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What Are Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Henry County, Alabama are maintained by the county sheriff. These are the only places where you will find these records. In some cases, they are not even available in certain counties. They are only available in Henry County. They are also referred to as court documents.

There are different types of records that will be found in a criminal database. Some are criminal arrest warrant, driving violations, jail records and sex offender records. If you are looking for an arrest warrant, it will contain the information about the person who has been arrested. It will also show other information that pertains to the person such as their age, date of birth, place of birth, name, date of arrest, crime that was committed and other relevant information.

Driving violations will include traffic tickets, moving violations and DUI (driving under the influence). Jail records will have information regarding the criminal history of the person while in jail. All of this will be contained in one record. Sex offender records will tell if the person has ever committed any sex crimes such as rape, sodomy, or child molestation. These are all felony charges.

When someone is arrested for any type of crime, records are kept in a variety of locations. Some of them are local police departments, state police stations and courthouses. Other records are kept by federal agencies, such as the FBI and the Department of Defense. Warrant records are kept by the courts. They contain personal information that pertains to the person that was arrested.

Warrant records are not public. However, anyone can access them if they so choose. They will have to fill out a request for information and then it will be stored for the courts to see. If a person wishes to view the arrest warrant, they can do this at any police station or courthouse. This information will tell the person what crime occurred, when it occurred and if the person was ever found guilty.

Warrant records will include the person’s name and all court dockets relating to the case. All warrants that have been issued in the past seven years will be listed. These records are considered public record. If a background check is being conducted, this information will be readily available. These records are not available through the court houses that hold marriage licenses.

When searching for a person’s record, they must be aware that they could be looking for many different things. For example, if a person is trying to get a passport, a background check could turn up an arrest warrant. It could also be that a person wants to rent a house. When checking a person’s record, it is possible that other information will be available, such as financial data. People can obtain copies of their records from any of the three major record services.

Each of these records has their own rules and regulations. Before using a service that provides warrant records, one should consider which service best fits their needs. Warrant records are not only a great way to know if a person has been arrested, but they can also be used to check on someone’s background. Whether it is for a business or personal reason, these documents are extremely useful.