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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(301)Franklin County Police Departments
Franklin County Detention Center748 Walnut Gate RoadRussellvilleAL35654256-332-8425
Franklin County Police Departments
Hodges Police Department1946 Alabama 172HodgesAL35571205-935-3445
Phil Campbell Police Department580 Railroad StreetPhil CampbellAL35581205-993-5313
Red Bay Police Department / City Jail112 5th Avenue SoutheastRed BayAL35582256-356-4455
Russellville Police Department / Russelville City Jail400 Jackson Avenue SouthRussellvilleAL35653256-332-2230
Franklin County Sheriff Department
Franklin County Sheriffs Department748 Walnut Gate RoadRussellvilleAL35654256-332-8811
Franklin County Probation Department
Franklin County Probation Department501 North Jackson AvenueRussellvilleAL35653256-332-3071
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Performing a Warrants Search

Searching for warrants can be done by any member of the public. There is no specific procedure to follow in order to request such records. When requesting these documents, most states require a person to fill out an application in which they state the reason they want the warrant records and provide documentation as to their identity and state of residence. Some records are free while others cost a nominal fee. The information is retained for about six months and then you have to reapply if you want the information contained within the report.

In order to find a person’s warrant records, you need to know where to look. Searching by name is the best way to do a search. Usually, all you need to do is fill out the necessary forms with your personal information and some general information pertaining to the person you are looking for. If you know the person’s address, you can go online to search for the information through a major search engine. Many times, this can be a quick and easy process.

If you are unable to locate any records by a person’s name, you can still perform a search by using other methods. Using the person’s social security number is one good place to start. Social security numbers are often matched to other information to determine a persons state of residency. By typing a persons name into a search engine, you will gain access to other public records which can give you even more detailed information. These records include things like birth records and address history.

Warrant records also contain more detailed information such as a persons criminal history. Depending on the case, they may reveal if the person has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime. They may also show if the person has ever been tried for fraud or any other crime. For this information, it is best to consult a local court house to see if they have these records available to the public.

The biggest problem with performing a search without any other information is that you are not sure of how to begin your search. The reason is that warrant searches only contain information about a person’s name and address. They do not reveal much more personal information about the person. If you want more information, it is best to consult a public record search online.

When performing a person’s name search online, you will find many different web sites that offer these services. However, it is important that you choose a reliable website so that you get accurate and up to date results. If you find a website that is offering you a service but you are unsure of their service, you can always test them by sending them an email. This will let you know in advance if they will be able to provide the information that you need.