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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(296)DeKalb County Police Departments
Bucks Pocket State Park Ranger393 County Road 174Grove OakAL35975256-659-2000
DeKalb County Police Departments
Collinsville Police Department39 Post Office StreetCollinsvilleAL35961256-524-2136
Crossville Police Department14521 Alabama 68CrossvilleAL35962256-528-7121
Desoto State Park Ranger Station13883 County Road 89MentoneAL35984256-845-0051
Fort Payne Police Department200 Gault Avenue SouthFort PayneAL35967256-845-1414
Fyffe Police Department1010 Main StreetFyffeAL35971256-623-2223
Geraldine Police Department41343 Alabama 75GeraldineAL35974256-659-2122
Hammondville Police Department37669 U.s. 11HammondvilleAL35989256-635-6374
Henagar Police Department17898 Alabama 75HenagarAL35978256-657-3231
Ider Police Department10793 Alabama 75IderAL35981256-657-5717
Mentone Police Department5972 Alabama 117MentoneAL35984256-634-0704
Powell Police Department110 Broad StreetPowellAL35986256-638-4283
Rainsville Police Department42 McCurdy Avenue SouthRainsvilleAL35986256-638-2157
Sylvania Police Department22957 Alabama 75SylvaniaAL35988256-638-2204
Valley Head Police Department41 Anderson StreetValley HeadAL35989256-635-0964
DeKalb County Sheriff Department
Dekalb County Sheriffs Department / Dekalb County Jail2801 Jordan Road SouthwestFort PayneAL35968256-845-3801
DeKalb County Probation Department
Dekalb County Probation Department211 Gault Avenue SouthFort PayneAL35967256-845-5717
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Searching For Warrant Records

Warrant records are some of the most important public documents around, and they are especially important if you’re interested in doing background checks on someone. There are a lot of different reasons that you might need to perform a background check of some sort, whether it’s to find out about any potential romantic partners for you, to ensure that your new employee is going to be honest, or even to prevent your children from being in any danger. Whatever your reasons, you’ll obviously want the person to be charged with a crime, and for this reason warrants are often carried out. In De Kalb County, these documents can tell you a lot about any person, and you may well be interested in how to find them. If you’re still confused by all of the terminology, here’s an easy explanation: Wartime warrants are issued by law enforcement authorities when they believe that a person has committed a crime that is deemed to have been committed during a period of war or emergency.

Perpetual warrants are issued by a judge, generally at the request of an attorney. Warrants are also referred to as “court ordered warrants” since they are technically court orders. The terms ‘perpetual’ and ‘warrant’ are interchangeable, meaning that they mean the same thing. Warrants will last until they are lifted by a judge, at which point the person who was issued them will be allowed to legally enter the United States once more.

To search for any type of records about a person in De Kalb County, you’ll need to locate the courthouse where they were issued. This will usually be found either on the courthouse door or in the Visitors’ Center. If the person you’re looking for has lived in De Kalb County for a long time, you should be able to find their name in the Visitors’ Center. You can also search the local phone book under “

manent records” for more information. However, you may need to do additional searches to find other records about the person.

If you have only one person in mind, you can use a people finder that is available online to run a background check. However, if you are looking for multiple people, you may find it necessary to hire a private investigator to get the information you need. Most investigators charge a fee for their services, and in some cases, you can have access to the records you want within a couple days. In addition, you may also be charged an extra fee if you choose to obtain an additional copy of any arrest records or sex offender records that are contained in the records database.

Warrant records are used not just by law enforcement, but also by anyone who needs to do a background check on someone. It is very common for employers to perform a criminal background check before hiring someone. And, in fact, anyone can obtain copies of arrest warrants on someone else. For example, if you want to rent an apartment, the landlord may require you to sign a permission form authorizing them to search the person’s background. A private investigator might charge a little more for his services, but you can be sure that he will get you all the information you need to determine whether or not you should rent from this person or not.

Another way to search for warrant records is to go online. You can use a search engine to look for the details of any type of public record, including warrants. Most people never think to conduct this type of search, but it is something that is extremely important to know. The last thing you want is to find out after you have already signed a lease with this person that they were arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and were taken into custody at the police station. This could put you and your family at physical risk.