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(259)Cleburne County Police Departments
Cheaha State Park Ranger19644 Alabama 281DeltaAL36258256-488-5111
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Heflin Police Department174 Bell StreetHeflinAL36264256-463-2291
Ranburne Police Department21295 Main StreetRanburneAL36273256-568-9044
Ranburne Town Police Department21383 Main StreetRanburneAL36273256-568-9044
Cleburne County Sheriff Departments
Cleburne County Sheriff's Office120 Vickery StHeflinAL36264256-463-2277
Cleburne County Sheriffs Department140 Lambert DriveHeflinAL36264256-463-8911
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Criminal History Checks – Performing Warrants Check on Your Neighbors

Warrant Records in Cleburne County, Alabama are kept by the Circuit Court of Tuscaloosa County. In the State of Alabama, as in many other states, a Warrant may be issued for the arrest of a person, or for the seizure of a person, and if the person fails to appear at the court on the appointed day, or for any other reason, the warrant is carried over to another county, called a county pauper, and becomes a matter of public record. A warrant may be issued for the arrest of an individual for any crime, or for any other cause, and the person who was accused has the constitutional right to an attorney. This right can be exercised if he cannot afford one, or if he fails to attend the first court session.

The records which show if there is a warrant for the arrest of a person are called “Warrants of Arrest”, and they can be obtained from the Circuit Court or from the clerk of court, who usually maintains these records. The person who is accused is entitled to an attorney’s assistance in defending him, unless he can come out of the case with his money intact. He can also choose to go to trial, where the outcome will be decided by the judge. However, in this situation, the person need not hire an attorney, but instead can defend himself in his own way, by producing original police reports and documents, as proof that the warrant was not properly executed. If these evidences fail to convince the judge, then the person has no other option than to drop the charges against him.

Warrant records in Tuscaloosa County contain all details of an arrest warrant. Some warrants may have been issued for minor violations of the law, while others may have been issued for more serious crimes like assault, murder or DUI. These records will also give details of when and where the warrant was issued, as well as the name and address of the person who owns the warrant, and other details needed by the authorities to execute the warrant. The information provided by the record will enable you to avoid making a mistake that could land you in serious legal troubles.

Warrant records will let you know if your friend was arrested for suspicion of DUI, for example. If this is a friend whom you are trying to protect from such an arrest, then you will want to make sure that he has not been arrested before, and that the warrant is not a fake. Otherwise, if you discover that the warrant exists, but the person in question has already been arrested for DUI, then you are at risk of being sued by the person if you tried to assist him in getting out of the DUI charges. By checking the person’s background, you can easily determine whether the warrant exists or not.

It is relatively easy to check a warrant since the Tuscaloosa County Records are available online. You can perform an online search to see if the warrant exists, and perform other searches based on the details you have obtained. This will save you from having to spend money hiring a private investigator, so it is definitely a good idea to make use of these services. Moreover, you will be able to prevent the expense of having to hire a lawyer to look into someone’s background.

Warrant records provide you with a lot of information about a person, including their criminal history and other arrest warrants. Thus, it is important to make sure that the people around you – your friends, your co-workers, and even your neighbors – are trustworthy. If there is an outstanding warrant out for your neighbor’s arrest, you should ensure that the person does not have any other outstanding warrants against his name, and that he is not a danger to you or your family. By performing a warrant check on the person in question, you will be able to help minimize the risk of encountering your neighbor in the middle of the night.