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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(255)Chilton County Police Departments
Clanton Police Department601 1st AvenueClantonAL35045205-755-1194
Chilton County Police Departments
Jemison Police Department24747 U.s. 31JemisonAL35085205-688-4491
Maplesville Police Department9400 Alabama 22MaplesvilleAL36750334-366-4211
Maplesville Town Hall9400 Highway 22MaplesvilleAL36750334-366-4211
Thorsby Police Department21060 U.s. 31ThorsbyAL35171205-646-3555
Chilton County Sheriff Departments
Chilton County Sheriff's Office702 Airport RoadClantonAL35045205-389-0864
Chilton County Sheriffs Department500 2nd Avenue NorthClantonAL35045205-755-4698
Chilton County Probation Department
Chilton County Probation Department604 Jackson AvenueClantonAL35045205-280-0914
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How to Search For Warrants by Applying the Proper Process

It’s very simple to do a background check on someone by searching for their name and using the terms of the United States’ Warrants documents. Warrant Records in Chilton County, Alabama hold much of the same information as those maintained by the FBI and other similar federal agencies. While these criminal records are public record, they are rarely updated and so it’s important to get yourself one of these records before proceeding with your search. A warrant records check can show you any person’s criminal history or disposition, but they can also show other records such as court orders, judgments, restraining orders, or immigration violations. The only other way to get these other records is by going through the State Vital Records Office or requesting a copy through the Federal Fugitives’ Registry. Either way is a great way to find out if someone has any prior arrests or convictions.

If you run a records check on an individual name, you can learn a lot of information about them. You’ll find out their name, current address, and where they were born. Depending on what you find, you may find out they have been married more than once and have children. It’s pretty much impossible to not come up with some basic information based off of a records check on an individual. The only drawback to performing a criminal records check is that sometimes they do not have all of the information you’re looking for, which means you may still be missing some vital information.

For those who are more interested in learning a bit more about an individual, a warrant records check can give you that information. It can tell you their criminal history, warrant records, pending felonies, and even sex offenses. The more comprehensive the records you get the better. To find these records in Chilton County, Alabama simply go to your favorite search engine and do a search.

If you find the person you want information on, you’ll probably be asked to pay a nominal fee to get the information. In many cases, the local courthouse will charge an administrative fee to cover costs such as postage and having the records maintained. However, if the person you’re searching for has a prior criminal history or if it appears they may have outstanding warrants, you may be expected to pay a small legal fee to get the information. If the person has committed any crimes, you may be required to serve a notice of criminal charges before you’re allowed to enter any further information into a court record. That means you will have to be informed ahead of time of your rights and responsibilities in regard to conducting this search.

In some instances, you’ll be able to learn more by contacting the local law enforcement agency. By phone you can ask them a few questions about the person you’re investigating. Typically, you’ll be advised to conduct a criminal records check before contacting the law enforcement agency. However, sometimes the police may be unaware of any warrant records. If that’s the case, you’ll be able to learn more by speaking with their detective division. Usually, they have access to a central criminal database that can give you more specific details.

After you’ve done your search, you’ll either be notified immediately or asked to wait to see if the person you’re suspicious of has any warrants out for their arrest. In most cases, the person won’t have a warrant until they’ve served their time in jail. Therefore, if you suspect this is the case, you’ll want to contact the local police right away. However, be aware that if they don’t respond quickly, you may have to hire an attorney. As was previously stated, there are laws in place regarding the conduct of a criminal records check. Therefore, by law you have to give the police 48 hours to investigate your suspicions.

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