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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(225)Bibb County Police Departments
Brent Police Department22 1st StreetBrentAL35034205-926-4643
Bibb County Police Departments
Centreville Police Department1254 Walnut StreetCentrevilleAL35042205-926-4995
West Blocton Police Department1139 Main StreetWest BloctonAL35184205-938-7842
Woodstock Police Department27451 Highway 5WoodstockAL35188205-938-9790
Woodstock Police Department28573 Alabama 5WoodstockAL35188205-938-9790
Bibb County Sheriff Department
Bibb County Sheriffs Department183 Southwest Davidson DriveCentrevilleAL35042205-926-3129
Bibb County Probation Departments
Bibb County Probation Department320 Market StreetCentrevilleAL35042205-926-9900
Perry County Probation Department320 Market StreetCentrevilleAL35042205-926-9900
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Search Warrant Records in Bibb County Alabama

You may have seen the many reports of warrant records being displayed online. While there is nothing illegal or improper with this, one must remember that these are public records. The same is true for warrants. In fact, a warrant can be a very serious situation that could result in someone’s arrest and possible prosecution. Because of this, one should exercise caution when searching online and obtaining information on any type of public record.

First of all, you should understand that a “warrant” is simply the legal term for a legal document or court order that gives permission to someone to do something. So if a parent wanted to allow their minor child to use the bathroom at school, without providing proof of residency, a warrant could be granted. It would most commonly be used by parents of certain minor children who are known to go out of state to engage in sexual activity. In the state of Alabama, a warrant can be granted when a person fails to appear as required on a court date. This can be a problem especially in the case of non-residents of the state.

Because of the seriousness of these cases, it is important to understand that executing a search of any public records in the state of Alabama is considered a felony offense. Therefore, executing a search without proper authorization is a crime. Any person violating the law could face jail time and heavy fines. Because of this reason alone, one should exercise great care when searching for any type of public record.

When performing a search online, a person can use search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. All three of these websites make it their business to provide you with information on all types of public records in the United States. They have done so for decades now since they have realized that their users will benefit greatly from getting reliable and up to date information. In fact, a search conducted using any of these websites would give you the same information as a person living in Bibb County Alabama could get.

One problem with using these websites though is that a person’s personal details would not be revealed if the person decides to do a search using one of these engines. Another drawback is that these searches are only available for a certain period of time. If a person does not want to reveal his or her personal details for some reason, he or she would have to wait for a longer period before finding the desired records. Another drawback is that you would have to pay for any records that are obtained.

When a person wants to do a search about warrants issued in Bibb County, he or she first has to find a reliable public record site. This can be quite difficult, considering that almost all public record sites require payment. However, there are other record search websites that do not require any payment for information that you wanted. Instead, they would charge you a token which is less than the price of one warrant. After you pay the token, you would then be able to browse through all the information that you need.